Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in Review's been a bit of a crazy week.  Let's recap.

As I mentioned previously, the beginning of this week was dedicated to Craig's Nana's funeral.  It was a lovely service and we had a good time catching up with family.  I met some family I'd never met, and Craig saw relatives he hadn't seen in 20 years or so.  We spent a good chunk of two days at the funeral home with both kids.  Originally I wasn't sure I wanted to have Carter there, but for the most part he was content watching people and being manhandled by his big cousins.  They were forever dragging him off to play somewhere, and as long as I was out of view, he was happy as a clam.  Eventually he'd see me and try to crawl back.  We spent a lot of time walking around, with him on two feet and holding my finger.  He's getting so close to walking.  He can totally do it, but tends to crap out after a few steps.  I think he can go a lot farther than he is, but he either gets impatient or loses his balance just enough to go down.  But sometimes he looks so steady, and lately he's been walking off on his own, randomly, almost without even realizing it, so I'm hoping he's getting close.

Originally I said that I'd wait to switch out the car seats until Carter was walking, but as time dragged on I decided I'd had enough.  I switched out the car seats a couple weeks ago--Jacob into boosters, Carter into Jacob's old seats, turned backwards--and I think it's been going well.  Jacob can sort of get himself belted in by himself, though it usually takes a while to pull the belt out far enough.  Carter seems to like his new digs, though I constantly catch him craning his neck to see outside.  I don't miss that blasted baby seat, except when he's sleeping when we get home, or when I need him contained prior to leaving the house or when I'm bringing in groceries or something and he doesn't like being alone in the car.  Small price to pay, most of the time.

So...we had a busy few days surrounding all of that.  Lots of good family time, lots of food, and a little pool time.  The weather was pretty great, too.  Carter hung out with my parents the day of the funeral because I knew it would be a long day for him.  He was nice comic relief at the funeral home, but funerals are quiet and we all really needed the time to focus on Nana.  By the time we got back to him that afternoon, he had a bit of a fever and was coughing, all accompanied by a nasty runny nose.  Poor baby.  Who knows where it came from, but boy, was he miserable by that night. 

I ended up staying home with him on Wednesday because he still had a fever in the morning.  Being away from work for yet another day (on top of the holiday and the funeral) was less than ideal, but Carter's 3-1/2 hour nap helped me work a good half day from home.  Craig was off to Canada for Knighthawks practice, so I had to pick up Jacob from school.  When I got there, one of the Educare teachers shared with me that Jacob had had yet another bad day, and as a result, if he got written up one more time he would be suspended from Educare for the rest of the year.  Seriously?!  Keep in mind we still have another month of school left.  If we had to pick him up every day at 3pm, that would be terribly inconvenient.  I was pretty much in a rage for the rest of the day, trying to impart to Jacob how important it was for him to cut the crap and start behaving.  I have no idea what's gotten into him lately, but's been rough.  Being bad at home is one thing, but when it's carrying over into school, that's even worse.  He's had multiple trips to the principal's office, multiple notes home, and multiple afterschool write-ups, just in the last three weeks.  Awful. 

Thursday I finally got back to work, and in the evening was the Corporate Challenge, my annual 3.5 mile race.  I hadn't had as much time to get ready for it as I normally like.  Two years ago I was running at least twice per week to up my speed so I could finish in 30 minutes.  I ended up that year at 30:12 because of the concentration of slow runners at the start of the race, but that was pretty impressive nonetheless.  Last year I was coming off of pregnancy so I just wanted to finish.  I actually did pretty good, somewhere between 32-33 minutes.  This year I was having so much trouble getting out for runs that I was just hoping to run the whole thing.  And I did.  I even met my other goal, running at a 10 minute mile pace (or less).  I finished in 33:57, a 9:47 minute mile pace.  I was thrilled.  And I'll admit, it was nice to have an evening out to hang out with adults, eat gluten-filled food, and do something for me.  There is nothing quite like crossing that finish line after struggling through 3.5 miles, and I really appreciate the experience each year.  I like having a goal, and I like trying to meet it.  It makes me push myself.

Today was the calm before the storm.  Craig mowed the lawn, I did a little yardwork, Carter went to bed early, and Jacob wasn't too bad.  But Saturday...oh boy.  Tomorrow is going to be nuts.  Jacob has a baseball game at 9:30.  Craig needs to be at Knighthawks practice at 10:30.  Carter and I will be leaving as early as we can for the Stroll for Strong, to walk with my friend's son's team.  My parents will be meeting Jacob at his game and taking him home afterward.  Carter and I will meet them there after lunch and we'll either have some downtime, or I'll do some yardwork, or we'll all go out geocaching.  After dinner we'll head out to the arena for the final portion of the Knighthawks' championship series.  They lost game one last weekend, so they need to win the game AND a 10-minute mini-game after that.  If they lose either, they lose the championship.  They could three-peat (first team ever), which would be great, but it's going to be a tough road.  It's also going to be a late night.  I'm pulling a bad mom move by taking the kids, but geez, it's the championship. 

So...we'll see how all of this goes.  I owe you a good photo post one of these days, since I have a few from the week that are worth sharing.  But that's going to have to wait for another day...I am beat!

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