Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top Ten Reasons Carter is Part Puppy

Before I get into the silliness, Carter turns 15 months today.  That's halfway between 12 and 18 months, people.  One quarter of the way from 1 to 2.  Holy cow.  Anyway...

When Carter was first born, there was a commercial on TV where a kid talked about having a "Puppy Brother".  We laughed about it at the time, but it turns out that's just what Jacob got--his very own puppy brother.  His Halloween costume may have been one of the first real signs, but here's the rest of the evidence:
Cute puppy!

1) He carries things in his mouth - He doesn't do it as often now as he used to, but once in a while I will still see Carter crawl around the house with something in his mouth.  For a while it was an everyday occurrence. 

2) He prefers to get around on all fours - Fifteen months tomorrow and he still prefers crawling above any other form of transportation.  He has taken many steps, but he rarely does it on his own despite lots of cheering from us when he does.  I know his balance isn't fantastic, particularly because he's always in a rush to get anywhere, but I think the confidence is still lacking a bit.  Still, all fours is the way to go for him.

3) He eats food off the floor - Carter is making me feel seriously guilty about my housekeeping skills.  But with two kids it's almost impossible to keep up with the crumbly kitchen floor every day, so nearly every day I catch him picking up some spec of something and putting it in his mouth.  Seriously?!  Most of the time it's food, but it's been a lot of other stuff, too.  I've said that he's probably eased up his rice intolerance just by sneaking crumbs of various items made of rice flour.  But seriously, we probably wouldn't even need a dog if I let him loose in the kitchen!

4) He chews on everything - I'm guessing it has something to do with his molars coming in, but he is chewing on everything.  A couple weeks ago he picked up one of my new patent leather black pumps and started gnawing on the heel, leaving a bunch of tiny little teeth marks.  Ugh!  But he will chew on anything...balls, toys, remote controls, shoe laces, his own shoes, and pretty much whatever else we let him hold.  He's also been attempting to chew on body parts (not his own, most of the time) when he gets the chance.  It's getting a little frustrating, to be honest, because he'll beg to hold onto something and it seems innocent enough, but inevitably he pops whatever it is right into his mouth.

5) He was born furry - He has mostly shed the coating of hair that covered nearly every part of his body when he was born, but man, he was a hairy kid.  He still has a bit of a unibrow and his coloring is so much darker than Jacob, but fortunately he did not keep his full coating.  But when he was born it was across his forehead, down the edges of his ears, and all over his back and shoulders.  It was sort of funny and sweet at the time, but yeah, I'm glad he ditched most of it.  Now if we could get the hair on top of his head to grow as fast as the hair on the back of his head, that would be great.

6) He loves people food - I hear dogs can be very picky about their food, and likewise, Carter was never a big fan of baby food.  Of course, his issues with rice cereal didn't help matters.  It was hard to get in a groove with eating amidst all of that, and so many of the tastier baby foods had rice flour anyway.  But people food?  Oh man, this kid cannot get enough.  Boredom is pretty much the only thing that can pull him away from a source of food.  He loves meat--all of it, from beef to chicken to turkey to ham to sausage.  He eats his veggies most of the time, and even though he's strangely a little more hit or miss on fruit, he will pretty much try anything.  He is a bottomless pit a lot of the time, and in that way he couldn't be more different than his brother!

7) He loves to sleep - Ok, so getting him down for a nap usually involves him melting down to the point of misery, but the kid loves his crib most of the time.  He often stretches for it when I'm holding him and gladly goes to sleep most of the time once he's in there.  He settles so much easier than Jacob ever did.  He sleeps through the night 99% of the time, and sleeps in pretty well a lot of the time, too.  He's also a much better napper than Jacob ever was.  He's a little iffy at daycare, but at home I can usually get 2-3 hours out of him no problem.  Jacob was a little over an hour if I was lucky.  It is glorious, and it's part of the reason why I can't have a third baby--he has totally spoiled me.

8) He likes to make a mess - Anything accessible inevitably ends up somewhere else once he gets his hands on it.  Papers on the table end up on the floor.  There will be magnetic letters and animals from the fridge littering my kitchen and dining room floors.  There's a walker at the bottom of the stairs, a car in the dining room, and shoes under the table and ottoman in his room.  A pack of diapers from his open closet are in the doorway, and books are pulled out of his bookshelf and left at Jacob's doorway after he slides it there as he crawls.  He loves to empty baskets (though he is starting to get the hang of putting things away, which is lovely), and the farther he can scatter things, the better.  We don't call him "Hurricane Carter" for nothing...

9) He likes cars and balls - Dogs are known for chasing cars and fetching balls, and those happen to be two of Carter's favorite things.  He loves throwing balls and still pretty much only says, "Ball" as his only word.  He does say "No" and shake his pointer finger at me (hmmmm, wonder where he ever picked that up?), and he has said "Ni-Ni" before when I told him "Night Night", but "ball" is the major one.  He also loves cars and trucks and can often be seen crawling around pushing one as he goes.  Super cute and stereotypical boy moment, for sure.  And in case you needed evidence of the ball phenomenon, here it is:

10) He makes a lot of noise to get attention - Like a dog with yip or bark, Carter uses noise to make sure he gets noticed.  He will screech or yell at the drop of a hat to get you to pay attention to him or do what he wants.  When I'm not quick enough giving him food or getting him out of his seat, he screeches.  When I don't let him play with the stuff on his changing table or on the coffee table, he screams.  I'd really like him to learn how to talk a little bit so he can express himself a little better, but it's been very slow to come.  So instead we deal with the screaming and do our best guessing.  I'm not really thrilled about his habit, but we're trying to break him of it.  Oh, and if making noise doesn't work, he will try to climb up your leg.  Such a silly kid.

Bonus: He will not sit still - The other day my co-worker was telling me about a dachshund parade she went to see last weekend, and and she said that someone tried putting their dog in the middle of a gorgeous tulip bed to take a picture.  The dog kept getting up and walking away, and she kept grabbing it and putting it back to try again.  I guess this went on and on for a while.  I remarked that it sounds like me with my kids.  When I am getting Carter changed, either in the morning or at bedtime, I probably reposition him about a dozen times, at least.  He's constantly flipping over and grabbing for stuff in the basket next to the table.  And I'm constantly telling him no and flipping him back on his back since it's easier to snap onesies or put on sleepers in that position.  It is ridiculous.  And that's just on the changing table, let alone when I'm trying to take pictures or prevent him from tearing apart the rest of the house. 

So, yes, Carter is apparently part puppy.  He's also ridiculously cute, full of saliva, and fussy when I trim his nails.  The comparisons just keep coming.  He's such a goofball and we love him so much.  Puppy or person, it doesn't make a difference.  We're just happy he's here.

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