Monday, May 19, 2014

A Weekend of Random

It was a weird weekend.  Well, I guess it wasn't really, but it just felt a little like that.  Why?  I have no clue.  I think part of it was that Craig was around Friday night and all day Sunday, which isn't that rare but I guess when you sort of mentally prepare yourself to be alone on the weekends (for one thing or another), it feels funny when someone is there.  We had a lot of stuff going on, but there was downtime, too.  There were good moments and not-so-good moments and seemingly-insignificant-but-not-really moments.  Parts of it were definitely under the shadow of the Ben Sauer story, which was still very top-of-mind, particularly Saturday morning when I knew his memorial service was taking place (I couldn't bring myself to watch, particularly since I was alone with the kids).  Let's see if I can explain this weird dynamic a little better.

Friday night we just stuck close to home and the boys watched a movie.  I've been trying to get Carter to bed earlier because he just seems to need it.  Jacob was always content to be up a little later, but Carter melts down past a certain point so I've been making it a point to get him ready for bed as soon as I can after dinner.  It keeps him happier and gives me a little extra time to do my own stuff, which is a win-win.  Getting Jacob down on time is a lot more complicated, which is probably why his bedtime has always been a little later.

Jacob was up bright and early on Saturday, but he did spend some time keeping himself occupied.  Carter slept in late.  That meant that we had some slightly extended time in bed before having to get up for good.  It's nice when that happens, even if we've been awake since 7am.  Despite having curtains, the early sunrises are messing badly with Jacob's sense of time.  Even though his clock turns green at 7am, he still routinely comes in our room earlier looking for company.  UGH.

Craig had to be up and out of the house relatively early to get ready for the Knighthawks game, and Jacob had baseball at noon.  After a lazy start, we really had to get a move on to get ready on time.  I brought Carter's lunch with us and gave Jacob a bit of a snack before we left.  We got to the field on time, only to find out that some clinic that the league had set up with the Red Wings (our local pro team) was pushing everything back an hour.  That was unfortunate for a lot of reasons, namely that I had a baby that needed to nap and that meant an extra hour to wait for Jacob and I to eat our lunches.  Very inconvenient.  And, of course, it rained like crazy late in the week and it stopped just in time to allow the fields to be playable.  Which meant that the rest of the complex was still a little swampy in places and the grass wasn't really anywhere I wanted Carter to be crawling.  I was really hoping they'd cancel, but no such luck.

Still, Jacob got a kick out of throwing pitches next to a Red Wing player during the clinic, and the baseball game itself was delightful.  I have no idea who won, but it was nice to have a game with real outs!  There's still a lot of leeway as far as strikes and balls, but there was some sort of "strikeout" limit because kids didn't always make it on base.  And if the ball beat a kid to the base, they were out.  So while there still isn't any crazy strategy going on, it's more interesting than t-ball by far.  I ended up grabbing a slice of pizza at the game to keep me sane, and Craig dropped in from work to catch the end of the game, which was cool.  Jacob did great, going 3-for-3 with at least one run scored.  He touched home one other time, but the kids were all being called in at that point and I don't know if there was an out elsewhere or Jacob's score reached some sort of threshold.  It appeared to Craig that a certain number of runs may trigger the end of an inning, but it's hard to tell. 
That's Jacob with the #8 and blue helmet, apparently either trying to psych up his team or give Natalie a headache.

Warming up at third base

Practice swing

Ready to go with a real catcher...and he can't wait to play catcher next game!

Carter, in the meantime, was miserable.  He ate his food just fine early on, but by the middle of the game he was inconsolable.  He didn't want to be up or down, or with Craig or me, and ultimately he just needed to nap.  End of story.  But as great as he is at putting himself to sleep in his own bed, he is that bad at being put to sleep anywhere else that is not a moving car.  It took a while, but he finally went down.  And although he woke up briefly when we got home, I rushed him right into his room and he went back down again...for over three hours!  I had to wake him up to eat dinner before we headed out for the Knighthawks game.

During those three hours, I tried to rest.  I was beat from a tough couple hours outside (cold weather, cranky baby), and although Jacob interrupted me a dozen times, I did sneak in a little rest here and there.  Not much, but enough to get me through the rest of the day.  Incredibly, Jacob didn't nap and didn't fall asleep on the way to the game, either, which almost never happens.  He also stayed awake the entire ride home, which is also rare if he didn't sleep earlier.  See, weird day.

The Knighthawks game was insane.  The league changed their playoff format this year, and the last two rounds are now both two-game series.  If each team wins one game, the teams play a ten minute mini-game (not to be confused with overtime), and the winner of the mini-game moves on.  Well, the Knighthawks lost last weekend to Buffalo, meaning they had to win both the main game and the mini-game to advance.  Lacrosse is such a game of runs and momentum, so only having ten minutes to win the final "game" was a scary prospect.  After a slow start, the Knighthawks picked up speed and never looked back in the main game.  They won 13-8.  In the mini-game, Buffalo took an early 1-0 lead.  By that point I was getting horribly nervous and had to get up and walk with the kids just to stay sane.  As we got up, the Knighthawks tied the score!  We paced the walkway at the top of the arena (I figured it was a little quieter up there, for Carter's sake--he was cranky and overtired, despite his nap), and time ticked down.  When the 10 minutes were up, the score was tied...which meant overtime.  Dreaded overtime.  Lacrosse is such a fast game that overtime can be over in a matter of seconds, and by that point I was a bundle of nerves.  Buffalo had two great chances right off the bat, but our goalie held strong.  Suddenly a Knighthawk was headed down the floor on a partial breakaway, and *gasp*......HE SCORED! 

So....the Knighthawks are on their way to the championship for the third straight year.  Craig will be in Calgary this weekend for game one, and game two will be back in Rochester on the 31st.  It's going to be one heck of a battle, but it would be amazing to see the Knighthawks complete the three-peat, especially here in Rochester.  This setup works out better for my crazy schedule at the end of this month, so all I can say at this point is that it's going to be an interesting couple weeks.

Sunday morning was a tough one.  I had a hard time getting up, Craig hadn't gotten in until very late, Carter slept until 9:30, and even Jacob didn't come bug us until 7:30.  Unfortunately, we didn't get going quite soon enough, and in the end I figured it wasn't worth barking at my family to hurry up and get ready.  We were all beat and it was one of those mornings where the tiredness and crankiness would probably offset the good we'd get out of church.  So, home we stayed for a lazy morning.  I hate doing that, but sometimes it's just better. 

On the bright side, while finishing up breakfast, I noticed that there was some activity at the house next door.  Our elderly neighbor died last summer, and the house has been empty since.  His family has been there periodically keeping up the yard and cleaning things out, but things had been pretty quiet.  Last week they left the garage light on and it was on for over a week.  The yard was a jungle, too.  They got the yard mowed, and then I noticed they had set out some stuff on a table.  A little while later I saw them writing on garage sale signs, and I realized they were doing some sort of sale.  I wanted to stop over and introduce myself, so I took Carter with me and headed over.  Turned out it was a household sale--not as elaborate as an estate sale, but mostly a lot of random stuff that was left, with no set prices.  I chatted with one of the daughters for a while.  I heard the full story of her dad's passing and expressed my condolences (since I didn't know he had died until the funeral was past), and mentioned how sweet he was to Jacob.  It was nice to talk to them and get a little closure on his passing.  Oh, and I also got a sweet deal on a couple bag lawn chairs.

That afternoon we went to the RIT lacrosse game, a game that could have sent them to the NCAA finals.  Unfortunately, they got smoked.  But it was my first game there and it was pretty cool to hang out on the campus.  I've really only been there for the Corporate Challenge (again next week!), so it was fun to be there for something else and get my bearings for next week.  In between stints of watching the game, the big boys played lacrosse off to the side.  Carter and I stayed back with our chairs and a blanket.

Carter's unorthodox technique - eating the webbing

A woman came over and asked how old he was, and remarked that she'd never seen someone that young playing with a stick, and how it was the cutest thing she'd ever seen!
On our way back to the car, I wanted to take the long way so I could take a few pictures.  First this one...
Hard to see, but "RIT" and their tiger paw print are painted on the hill outside the fieldhouse.
I don't know if these were left over from graduation or something else, but I loved these balloon towers...and so did Carter!

I guess these are tulips but they weren't spent like most are right now, and their shape was so cool.

Not sure what this flower is, but I like it.

This was from a tree.  So pretty...

After the game we stopped at the giant Barnes and Noble on the campus to visit the campus store (and drool over the (probably insanely overpriced) housing options in the complex of shops and restaurants.  We grabbed a quick dinner out, stopped for a couple errands, and headed home for the night.

So...anyway, I don't know why it felt weird.  Maybe it was an odd mix of running around yet still having downtime, or being able to do something with Craig instead of being stuck in the house wishing for naps.  We have so much coming up in the remaining 12 days this month, and a lot of it is exciting, but I definitely need to start preparing for the craziness.  Way too much to think about these days.  But for tonight we'll enjoy this face...

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