Monday, May 5, 2014

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We've officially entered a very challenging phase for the next couple months, where Jacob is doing two sports at once.  He was only going to do baseball this summer, but then we found out that his lacrosse team was going to play at the Knighthawks game and he needed to be part of the spring season to do it, so we figured we'd give it a shot.  However...the schedules are nearly identical so we're going to have to make it work one way or another.  I'm leaving all of that up to Craig, but the schedule is a major challenge for me regardless, because it means 2-3 nights per week with a late dinner, and early Saturday mornings, too.  I thought last year was a challenge with two nights of baseball, but this year we have the gluten issue complicating things further, since convenience meals and pizza takeout aren't the ideal options they once were.  Jacob is also eating PB&J for lunch every day, so it's not a great dinner option this year.  I'm definitely feeling a little stuck, and we're not even into the worst of it yet. 
Saturday was Jacob's first non-rained-out practice for baseball, and after a week of rain, the ground was soaked.  I had worked the concession stand with a couple other moms on Friday, and my rain boots came up huge since walking across the grass was a swampy prospect.  Saturday wasn't any better, and it was cold and windy.  Craig had to go up to Canada for Knighthawks practice and to watch their two potential opponents for this coming weekend duke it out, so it was all me.  I went prepared with Carter's lunch (he napped right up until we left) and hoped for the best, but it was a rough 90 minutes.  The ground was too soft and muddy to let him "walk" or crawl, so he got frustrated pretty quickly.  We took a stroller ride and tried anything I could think of that wouldn't leave him muddy, but he was pretty miserable.  Jacob did well and was excited to get his new jersey, hat, and socks.  He's still on the Red Sox, but with a new look this year.
Sunday when Craig returned home, the boys played three rounds of baseball outside, even though it was rather chilly.  I knew Jacob would get back into baseball once the season got here, and I think it will be interesting to watch him play this year since they actually use outs now!
I felt like it had been too long since I took pictures of Carter, so I wanted to make sure I snapped a couple of him.  He's getting so big and handsome... 

Looking in the "hood" of his car...he loves shifting to make the balls pop out!
He's turning into a total ham, and I love when he flaps his lips with his finger, claps, and constantly points at balls, saying "Ba".  Sounds a lot like his brother, although it's clear that his obsession doesn't run quite as deep.  Where Jacob could watch sports forever, Carter's attention span is much smaller.  When I brought up Jacob's baby baseball tee toy yesterday, Carter preferred to clap along with the canned crowd noise than to hit the ball with the bat.  Oh, well.

Tonight we went to Jacob's first outdoor lacrosse game.  It was cold once again, but at least the sun popped out once in a while.  It was a challenge keeping Carter occupied, despite bringing him his dinner, but at least the ground wasn't quite as messy so he could crawl a bit. 

Jacob did pretty well.  He actually snagged a loose ball tonight, and I swear he had more contact/close encounters with the ball than he did for the entire winter season.  He's still not as enthusiastic about this season, all of a sudden, mostly because the kids are still older and a bit cliquey.  We're still considering trying to get our money back (or push it off to the fall) so he can focus on one sport, but considering how well he did tonight it's hard to tell if taking time off would hurt him in the long run.
My cutie in orange, with his new big boy cleats!

After the game!
We'll just have to see how the next couple months go, but I'm excited to see him continue to learn and improve.  I'm dreading finding ways to amuse a one year old while he's doing all of this, but it'll get easier when the weather improves, I think. 

Not much else to report.  Did I mention one of Carter's molars is finally poking through?  He's been a little extra cranky, so I can't help but wonder if others are working their way in, as well.  Craig has a road game this weekend (conveniently in Buffalo, just in time for Mother's Day), and we have a full slate of sports until then.  I'm crazy busy at work, too, so this week is going to just fly by.  Speaking of which, time to get some sleep so I have the energy to take it all on...

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