Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Friday

I figured it was time to catch up on a few photos.  I haven't been taking as many pictures lately as I should, but I have snagged a few. 
I realized a while back that I never shared the winner of the Christmas card shoot.  It's a miracle I got both boys in the same picture, and no children were harmed in the process.  Yay for small miracles!

Carter is quite the handful these days.  He's feeling better after his ear infection.  He's still not quite back to eating normally, but he's sleeping fine and has plenty of energy.  He's getting into everything.  He will not leave Jacob's stuff alone.  I don't know how babies instinctively want to get into the very things they're not supposed to touch, but they do.  Carter also wants to put everything in his mouth, which is getting frustrating.  Here's a picture of his toy corner, where we can fence him in if we have to, but he usually gets upset about being in there so right now I'm mostly using it when I absolutely have to. 
I do like that the gate sort of blends into the wall a bit.  This area is usually a bit of a mess, but it picks up quick.
He may be a handful, but he's so darn cute and his giggles are contagious!  He also likes posing for pictures, but he gives me such a cheesy smile most of the time!  
This is a perfect smile, though, complete with all eight of his teeth!

He likes this truck a lot.  It sings the most annoying songs, but if it keeps him occupied, so be it.  Pretty sure he's already played with it more than Jacob did.


Cheesy smile while playing with Jacob's golf club and his own little basketballs...and so begins the sports!

He's still working on his technique...

Giggling as he tried to climb on me!

Getting into trouble as usual...this time up on the ottoman grabbing the remotes!

Showing off his puppy skills!  He is constantly crawling around with something in his mouth!
Jacob isn't posing for pictures these days, but he had a relatively good week.  At school he almost did a clean sweep of good behavior, but lost it a bit today.  He was one notch above even on their behavior chart two days, then two notches up another day, and then he got the highest spot for the first time all year yesterday!  Today he was one spot below even, but I'm still really proud of the week he had.  I know how hard it is for him to behave, so knowing he had some success was really great.  Of course, at home things were a little different.  He is still having issues with food--not wanting much dinner or coming home with half of his lunch uneaten, having a 45-minute meltdown over taking a shower, still treating his brother with contempt, and giving us grief about almost anything.  But he's been really into drawing lacrosse team logos this week, and he can be so smart and engaging when he stops throwing punches.  His energy seems to be back to normal now, but he still is complaining of stomach aches and has a nasty cold.  He's also been licking around his mouth a lot, and it's very chapped and red.  It was almost scabbing over.  I've been trying to keep it lotioned up, but he fights me tooth and nail.  It's so hard when your kid doesn't understand that the "hard" stuff you make them do is good for them, not just something mean you're doing to them.  He's so convinced we're "bad" that anytime we make him do something he doesn't want to, we're doing it to personally torture him.  Whether it's making him eat, or forcing him to shower, or helping groom him, it all makes him so angry...and we can't quite convince him that it's stuff every kid has to do to stay healthy.  I just feel like there are a few mental blocks he has, and if we could get past those, things would be so much better.  He needs to know that we love him and understand how his actions impact other people.  He's so smart and has so much potential, but we need to help him manage his challenges a bit. 

We're heading into a weekend without Craig, who's off to Edmonton for work.  We don't have any plans for tomorrow, so I may need to make some to save us from an entire day in the house trying to keep Carter out of trouble and get Jacob out from in front of the TV.  Sunday we have a Superbowl party to go to--one we've gone to over the years but that had taken a two year hiatus.  I'm a little nervous about getting the kids there myself (Craig will just be getting back and meeting us there late), keeping Jacob away from the gluten, and keeping both kids occupied.  But it's a great party with good friends, so I'll do my best and come home if we have to.

Starting off the weekend by being up far too late isn't good, so that's it's for now...

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