Sunday, January 5, 2014

Status Update

So, it's officially back to the usual grind tomorrow.  Jacob is finally back to school, and we'll all have a full week of everything for the first time in a while.  Ugh.  It was easier going back to work knowing that I only had to do it for two days before getting two more off.  This was also a weekend off for Craig, which won't happen again for a while, so it was even more appealing than most.  I got a few more things done that I really wanted to do, which felt good.  There's still a bit of a mess under our tree, and I'll start taking Christmas stuff down next weekend.  Still a long to do list in general, but I feel a lot better than I did a couple weeks ago!

One of my goals for this weekend was to buy a play yard for Carter because he is constantly trying to get to Jacob's toys or the stairs or the tree or our coffee table/ottoman.  I know he won't stand for being in the pack-n-play, but I'm hoping the more open play yard can be used to give him an area and to block the stairs if we want to let him roam a little more.  Of course, Babies 'R' Us was sold out of the one I wanted so now I'm buying a different one online.  It seems a little extreme for what may be only a handful of months where we'll need it, but I think our circumstances with Carter are different than with Jacob.  We moved here when Jacob was a little over 21 months old.  Prior to that there wasn't much trouble Jacob could get into at our old house.  Here we have a fireplace and two sets of stairs, along with all of Jacob's toys, and I don't want to spend the next 10 months constantly dragging Carter away from all of it.  I want to give him room to roam, though, so play yard it is.  I hope it works out okay.

On the Jacob front, he's been brutal all week.  We're not quite sure what's going on.  It seemed to start after we ate out last week, so we thought maybe he just got glutened.  But it seemed like the effects of that should only last a couple days, whereas this has kept going all week.  He's been so much worse than usual.  Lots of hitting, absolute refusal to do anything we ask, completely illogical, and the desire to be annoying pretty much all the time.  He's even yelling at Carter, rather than ignoring him like he used to.  It's been horrible, pretty much a throwback to how he was back in September right before he was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  We can't figure out anything in his diet that would be an ongoing source of gluten, so either it's taking longer to get out of his system or it's something else.  There are times where it feels like it's some sort of hormonal shift or something.  It is truly incredible to see how oblivious he is to how difficult he's being.  He laughs through it all, continues the annoying behaviors, and cannot make the connection that his bad behavior causes him to miss out on things he wants to do...even though we make it very clear.  There's something that simply isn't wired correctly.  Normally it's difficult enough, but this week it has been completely short circuiting.  I wonder how we're ever going to get him functional because most of the treatment for stuff like this is behavior modification, but if he doesn't understand that what he's doing is wrong or undesirable (even though we're constantly telling him), how will he know that he needs to use the techniques to modify his behavior?  We're going to be contacting a new behavior specialist to see if we can get a more specialized opinion, and we're still waiting on the school district's evaluation, which was in progress back in December when I last talked to the school psychologist.  Did I ever mention that the questionnaires that we and his teacher filled out for his pediatrician came back without any specific diagnosis?  The answers did not come back indicating ADHD or anything else.  Good news, bad news, I guess.  We definitely need to do something, though, because this is not working.  Hopefully one of these days he will wake up back to "normal" (manageable but difficult).  I can't help but wonder at what point we scan his brain or something.  Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how he does back at school this week.  Maybe the routine will be good for him.  We can hope.

As for Carter, aside from him trying to get into everything, he's still incredibly cute.  He's still a mama's boy, constantly trying to climb into my lap and screaming if I'm anywhere in the vicinity but not the one holding him.  He's better than he was over Christmas, though, and much happier.  I can put him down a bit if I'm close by, and he's smiling so much more than he was.  He can be such a cutie, and he's got a great sense of comedic timing.  He loves playing peek-a-boo and he does this funny little thing where he sort of grunts or shrieks and jerks his body, almost like he's trying to get your attention or you surprised him.  It's funny. 

On the eating front things are a little better.  I'm still very cautious and haven't had the guts to try dairy again, but I'm trying to find things he can eat in the meantime.  He's addicted to Cheerios and is enjoying Kix cereal as well.  He loves when I give him little pieces of ham, too.  I also did some canned fruit in the last week, which he gobbled up, too.  It cracks me up to watch him eat, because he's still getting the hang of it but manages to find funny ways to get the finger foods in his mouth!  He's been pretty good about eating his baby food and cereal, but I can tell he loves his people food even more.  I just need to figure out what else to give him.  I looked at non-gluten-free breads the other day, but half of them have honey (which is a no-no for babies) and the other half have grains I haven't tried or some sort of dairy.  So much of what we eat has rice flour in it, so I either have to buy separate things for him (that we most likely won't use up), or get more creative.  It's a slow process, but he's made good progress.  And now he's finally getting tooth #8, the one I've been waiting for forever, so chewing will hopefully continue to get easier.  We started brushing teeth this week, too!  He's getting to be such a big boy with pulling up and trying to use his walker, but I think we still have a long wait before he'll be walking.

So, long story short, we're all a little tired around here these days...two kids that need a lot of attention for different reasons, and two parents with a lot going on at work and at home.  We're hanging in there, one day at a time right now.

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