Wednesday, January 15, 2014

11 Months!

How is it even possible that a month from today we'll be celebrating this little guy's first birthday?!  It doesn't even compute in my mind most of the time.  This year has been seriously fast...or at least we've been seriously preoccupied and time has flown by in the meantime. 

It's a good thing that we're only down to one more of these pictures because his ability to sit nicely without lunging toward me or grabbing the sign is seriously waning.  I was lucky I got this one!  What a goof ball.

As of 11 months he is possibly the nicest terror ever!  He is still a happy, sweet baby, but oh boy is he a handful!  I can barely keep him on the changing table and Jacob's toys are a constant source of temptation for him.  If it's not put away, he's totally into trying to grab it.  This week I set up his play yard in the corner of the living room to contain him once in a while so I don't have to spend all my time redirecting him or telling him "no".  Initially he liked it better than the pack and play, but let's face it--if he wants mommy, he wants mommy...and he will cry for a half hour straight if he has to!

You'll notice in the picture above that there's a little circle on the left side of his forehead.  That is a giant bruise/goose egg on his forehead from bashing it into a door frame at daycare.  He's been doing this thing where he flops himself forward quite forcefully, often when he's angry.  If he's sitting up he will fold in half in a split second.  Apparently he tried that and whacked his head.  Oy. 

He cracks me up, though.  He loves his mommy, loves clapping and waving, has eight teeth, and could eat ham, Cheerios, and Kix all day.  I just can't get over how quickly our time with him has gone and I look forward to celebrating with him soon!

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