Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nine Months / 15 Years

On Friday Carter turned nine months!  I can't even believe we're 3/4 of the way to one year! 

He's so sweet and so smiley, and it's been awesome to watch him discover new things lately.  He's getting better at crawling, can clap and wave, and we're working on high fives!  He's so curious and determined, and we will have our hands full, for sure!  We love him so much...and so does everyone else, apparently!
This weekend was a crazy one all around.  Friday night we went out to dinner, and Jacob fell asleep on the way there.  We brought his gluten-free pizza home with us, and when he woke up at home he had a couple pieces and didn't go to bed until late.  Saturday morning Craig had an appearance for work, and I spent the morning cleaning and packing.  My college roommate Mary was arriving around noon, and shortly after we were taking off for Buffalo for a concert.  One of our favorite bands for college was playing.  The band, Five Iron Frenzy, was, as one of our friends put it, the soundtrack to our college years, and they broke up about seven or eight years ago.  Well...a couple years or so ago, they decided to reunite and set up a Kickstarter campaign (basically, crowd-funding) and collected what they were seeking in a matter of hours.  Clearly there was a market for a new album!  The album comes out in less than two weeks, and they've been on tour with a few other ska bands.  It's a bit different for them to do a secular tour, as opposed to hitting up Christian venues, but it is a great opportunity for them.  Well, when word got out that they would be coming to Buffalo, instantly we knew we had to go.  So a couple people spearheaded it and a good-sized group of us (maybe 20?) met up for the show.  Jacob had a lacrosse game, so I left him in Rochester with Craig, and Carter came with Mary and me to Buffalo to stay with Grandma and Grandpa.  Unfortunately he picked yesterday to start getting some serious separation anxiety and they had a bit of a rough evening, but they survived.  The concert was amazing, even if Five Iron didn't play nearly long enough (they were the third of four acts, with Reel Big Fish as the headliner).  We got to meet some members of the band afterward, and simply hearing some of those songs live again was awesome and surreal.  They were just as good as always--an energetic lead singer, awesome brass, great songs.  We had a blast seeing people we hadn't seen in a while, catching up, reminiscing, and dancing along to the music.  It was truly great to step back in time about 15 years or so, to when they were the core of our college music experience.  Dance parties, concerts, study name it, we listened to them.  It was fun to leave the kids behind and run off to a concert in a big group again, just like we did in school.  Heck, once we even caravanned to Cleveland for a show!  This time we even had one couple that came in from the Adirondacks, and were it not for his daughter getting sick, one guy was going to come in from D.C.  It was awesome.  Mary, Carter, and I slept at my parents (we didn't get home until about 2am thanks to a late night snack), then took off for church in Geneseo, for old time's sake.  We didn't get to see our college pastor, but it was nice to be back and see a lot of familiar faces (and lots of students) floating around.  We ate pizza at Mama Mia's, then headed back home.  Mary left right away (did I mention how awesome it was to see her for the first time in over a year?  It was!) because I had to pack up and get us ready to drive back to Buffalo for Craig's Nana's birthday party.  I know it's awful to do that drive literally back-to-back, but she's 94 and each one is special now.  It's also been a couple months since I last saw Craig's family, so it was overdue.  There wasn't any way to really meet there, though, since Mary was with me, so it was a lot of traveling, for sure.  But the evening was fun and Carter's cousins and Nana absolutely loved him!  We got back a little before 10, and thank goodness both kids slept most of the way.  Carter needed a nap prior to his bedtime bottle, and Jacob really needed the sleep.  I'm exhausted, though, and trying to push through to get a few things done.  It's going to storm here anyway shortly (hello, 65 degree day in November.  You always come with a price!), so I'm not sure what good it will do to go to bed! 
But I need to try, I guess!  It was a fun weekend, but in cause there was any doubt, I am not still 20, and my body knows it!

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