Thursday, November 21, 2013

News & Notes, I Wish Thanksgiving was Today Edition

I can't even express how much I wish today was Thanksgiving and I had a day off and a weekend awaiting tomorrow.  Instead, I have four more days of work and a weekend full of solo parenting standing between me and a four day weekend.  Granted, one of those days off will be spent in Buffalo and I have two kids and a house to decorate for Christmas on the other, but my dreams of getting stuff done still persist.  I have this endless to do list for stuff around the house that is making me nuts.  Between dinner, getting the kids to bed, and falling asleep in my chair while trying to be productive, the list persists.  I can't even tell you how far behind I am on most things now, and it's making me crazy.  Right now my week off after Christmas just has me salivating.  Again, I know that having two kids means that not much will get done, but I am going to do my best.  I have to.  Too much stuff is piling up and it's starting to make me crazy.  Newspapers and mail piled up, pictures and curtains waiting to be hung, a checkbook that desperately needs balancing, photos that need to be sorted and printed, a printer I want to move from our desktop to where my laptop lives, coupons needing to be cut and organized, CDs to be organized, and any other number of random little tasks.  They never seem to end.  I have a running list on my iPod just in case I find myself with spare time.  Ha!

The other night we accidentally let Jacob eat a piece of candy with gluten in it.  I thought I had checked the ingredients, but I didn't.  We noticed he was a little extra hyper and that clued us in.  Not that he was a saint before that, but he was noticeably worse after.  He's been a bit of a pain the last couple days since, but hopefully it'll ease up a bit before the weekend.  We do see little improvements from time to time, but it still appears to be a slow go.  I feel bad about what happened, though.  It's our first noticeable slip-up so far, and hopefully our last.  The good news is that he didn't seem to have any belly issues from it, though that makes me wonder a bit because I would have thought he would after four weeks off of gluten.  I can't imagine where there would be a chance for that to happen, but maybe he's just lucky since he never had stomach issues before. 

As for Carter, he seems to be doing well with oatmeal.  He doesn't love it, but he'll eat it.  He also seems to love his other baby food.  He still doesn't eat a ton, but he gladly eats almost anything.  Even veggies that he didn't like initially he's come to enjoy when I mix them with pureed meat.  I still haven't had much success with finger foods.  There are so few he can eat with the rice intolerance, and even well cooked veggies in tiny pieces have been problematic.  He has done small pieces of banana but he seems unconvinced.  I may try some tiny pieces of turkey on Thanksgiving.  I really want to try some dairy again now that it seems the oatmeal is okay.  Having a tolerance for dairy opens up a lot of possibilities--including cheese, yogurt, and cheaper formula.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime I am so bitter with the baby food companies for sticking rice flour in almost every interesting-sounding baby food concoction. 

Carter is really getting around these days.  He is constantly taking off for Jacob's toys, even though he's got plenty of his own.  I brought up an activity table and he's enjoyed playing with that, including some giant pop beads that came with it.  He does pretty well standing up against it, and he's still pulling himself up on things from time to time, with no help except a little balance once in a while.  I have a feeling he'll be getting around a lot sooner than Jacob did.  We're in trouble! 

Craig's busy season pretty much starts this weekend, so I'm bracing myself for lots of solo time with two kids.  It's always doable, but Jacob is a wildcard for sure.  I need to find some ways to fill the time and keep him engaged, while still keeping Carter occupied and getting some things done myself.  It'll definitely be a challenge, though.

Carter, Jacob, and I have all been sick for around two weeks now.  Nasty colds all around.  Carter seems to have the perma-cold from daycare.  Jacob's got a ton of congestion.  I thought my cold was going away after a week, but then it came on strong again over last weekend.  Two kids, two colds?  I hate seeing the kids sick, and I hate having to power through all the time myself.  I've been falling asleep early while trying to watch TV or get stuff done online, and it's getting frustrating.  Speaking of which, I'm doing to again tonight so that probably means it's time to go to bed again.  Sigh.

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