Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend of Firsts

What a weekend it's been!  We've pretty much had a little of everything, I think.  Mostly good, I guess, but busy! 

Saturday was non-stop.  First up was the opening of the new wing at our mall.  Craig and Jacob went first because the Knighthawks mascot was going to be there, and Carter and I showed up a little later.  We all walked around the mall a bit, then tried to figure out lunch, which takes on a whole new level of difficulty now that Jacob is gluten-free.  There are very few options in the fast food realm.  Eventually there will be a Red Robin in our mall, which will be great, but we won't always have time for that.  Jacob ended up eating Arby's roast beef minus the bun, along with apples and milk.  Not ideal, but it was about the best we could do.  After lunch the guys took off because they had to get to Jacob's first lacrosse game!  Carter and I walked around the mall a bit more as I tried to scout out things as I try to slowly transition my wardrobe to a more mature, polished, age-appropriate one.  No luck, however.  We had one more stop at the mall to buy a small gift for the event we were attending in the evening, and ran into a couple people on our way out of the mall, on our way to Jacob's game.

Jacob's first practice was last Tuesday, and the whole thing is a little intimidating.  Most kids are older and bigger than him, but the bright spot is that the son of his summer baseball coach is also on his team, and he's even smaller (though not younger) than Jacob.  He's also got some, shall we say, attention issues, so it's probably good they have each other.  I likened it to my friendship with my friend Heather back when we were kids, because we were both the smallest kids in the class and we had each other so we didn't feel quite as alone.  Anyway, we weren't sure how this game was going to go since his skills weren't quite up to the level of the other kids, but he did get to play and it wasn't a total disaster or anything.  He actually got hit in the head once, and it drew a penalty.  He was pretty proud of that.  He had one breakaway and the ball got flipped out of his stick at the last minute.  It wasn't anything stellar, but he survived!  Here are a couple pictures... 

He's the one in white and orange.  Notice the socks--he insisted on wearing black dress socks, and one apparently slid down.  Oy.

Notice the size difference...but still, he held his own...enough.
His team kicked the crap out of the other team, and I said to Craig that it would be interesting to see how he'd do on the other team, where there is obviously far less talent.  It's the team from the next town over, and while I don't think we'd leave the organization he's with now, it's intriguing.  Given a year or two like the bigger kids, he may end up just as good as them. 

We headed home after the game and got things organized a bit prior to Craig and I taking off for our evening activity, the vow renewal of friends of ours.  The boys played outside a bit, and then Lori came to watch the kids.  We had talked it up all week, but we kept our fingers crossed that Jacob wouldn't freak out too badly.  Fortunately, things seemed to go relatively well.  It was nice having an evening out together.  Our friends, who are big Knighthawks fans, have been married 10 years and decided to renew their vows.  They did it at a restaurant downtown that's sort of the Knighthawks' unofficial hangout.  It was low key but lovely.  Craig brought the Cup in for the night, which they were very excited about...

After the ceremony, a few drinks, dinner, and a couple cupcakes, we headed home.  Both kids were awake when we got there.  Jacob was going down, and Carter just needed his bedtime bottle.  It was good to get some bonus Carter time, but eventually off to bed we went as well after a very busy day.

This morning I woke up feeling a little sub-par.  But I got ready for church and worked on getting the kids ready, too.  Craig had a player appearance this morning so he couldn't go with us, but he worked hard getting Jacob ready for church.  Well, he was completely uncooperative, violent as usual, and generally impossible.  We ended up missing church because we simply could not get out of the house on time.  We could have gone to the late service, but we'd have missed Sunday School, and by 11am I was starting to feel extra crappy.  Over the course of the day it became apparent that I had a cold.  I took a desperate nap (or decent doze session, given Jacob's volume level), just to try to function.  I got a couple bursts of energy to put away the absurd amount of 12 month clothing I got out for Carter (a TON of hand-me-downs from his cousins and Jacob combined--most don't fit yet but some do) and to hang up the framed needlepoints of the boys' names that our friend's wife did a few weeks back.  I have about a dozen other things I would have liked to do today, but this cold definitely knocked me on my butt, completely without warning. 

The other big thing this weekend is that Carter is officially crawling!  He's still not that good at it, but he can definitely get where he's going even if he hasn't perfected his form yet.  He does crawl, but he's much more effective with launching forward, rolling, and scooting.  But I definitely saw the legs moving the way they needed to, and he is now trying to get into everything.  Yesterday he was going for the table hockey game, and today he had Legos as his bait.  He'll also do what he can to get the remote control, my iPod, the camera, or anything else off-limits.  He's still working on pulling up on the Incrediblock, but he's definitely getting much better at standing up there once he's up.  He's very curious and determined, so we have our hands full now.  The pack-n-play is going to be seeing a lot more activity now!  In case you're wondering, he's about three weeks ahead of Jacob.  Jacob started at 9-1/2 months, and Carter is a week shy of nine months.  Hard to believe!

I'll have some videos to share soon (more of Carter's insane cuteness than crawling), but didn't have a chance to upload it yet.  I also snapped a picture of Jacob to make sure he's not left out...

He played a lot with his Legos today, which was good, and the guys had a short stint outside, too.  It took Jacob so long to get himself ready that they barely got it in before it was dark out!

So, it was a busy weekend with a couple firsts and plenty of other events to keep us busy.  Next weekend should be interesting, too, but we have another long week ahead before that.  Wish us luck...

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