Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend at Home

We had a rare weekend with all three of us at home, and decided to cross a few things off our summer bucket list.  We still hadn't been mini-golfing this summer, so that was among the first things on the list.  I had a busy afternoon doing a little yardwork and an impromptu pool vacuuming, and after a little rest for me after Jacob woke up from his nap, we headed out. 

As much as Jacob enjoys mini-golf, our attempts have been a little difficult.  This time was no exception.  Jacob was constantly picking up and replacing his ball, often making his spot worse than before!  He'd run ahead to other holes and just not listen, and it all got to be very frustrating.  What's worse, is that he's really not that bad at it, and knowing he has the potential and seeing him not take advantage of it is a bit of a bummer.  He even legitimately beat both of us on one hole!  At least he didn't get a hole-in-one like one of the last times!    I took this picture, and accidentally left the camera on the vivid color setting...but I love the result!  So pretty!
Our frustrations continued a bit in the arcade--we let him play his favorite basketball game and a round of skee ball--and in particular at dinner afterward.  He just insists on being annoying--kicking off his shoes, messing around with his cup, stacking condiments, breaking crayons and throwing them on the floor--and we just don't know why he does it.  Sometimes I think food or drink (particularly sugary ones, even juice or chocolate milk) give him an extra rush of energy that he doesn't know how to handle.  It's like torture to get through most meals these days, for one reason or another.

Today we had to go to the pool store across town, so we (reluctantly) decided to grab lunch out at a cool place near there and then go to the zoo.  Coincidentally, Lori called this morning to see what we were up to today, suggesting the zoo, so she came along.  She hadn't seen the new lion exhibit, and we were eager to go back--especially since my pictures from our last trip were accidentally taken on a low-quality setting on my camera.  He was so challenging at lunch (despite the lure of a donut for dessert) that he fell asleep in the car for about 20 minutes afterward.  Ugh. 

Once we got to the zoo he woke up, and we headed through the zoo to make the lions one of our first stops.  There was a new statue at the entrance to the Step Into Africa exhibit...

The lions were pretty lazy since it was a hot day, but I did get a nice shot of the male.  He's so handsome! 

Here's Jacob giving me a wave to appease me while hanging our at the top of the double decker bus observation deck.
Too cool for Mommy apparently...
He was so cute when we were watching the baboons, banging on the glass and saying, "Come he, baboons!"  We did get a little show with a couple of them chasing each other around.  He really enjoyed the sea lions today.  We happened to get there at feeding time and he really liked watching them dive for the fish that fell in the water.  It is great to watch them swim right by the glass.  Jacob once again asked me to take his picture with the fake polar bears, but the first time he ran away before I could snap a good shot.  Then I got this one, while he was patting them on the faces...

We also got to watch the orangutans eat some sort of pasty stuff with sticks through the bars of their cage, which was interesting, too.  Jacob had a few moments at the zoo, but for the most part he was okay.  It was a relief to get home and relax a bit, but of course Jacob was ready to go and play sports.  It never ends!  One more challenging meal behind us, some Lego building, and he's down for the night.  Another weekend comes to an end.  A busy one coming up next weekend, too!

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