Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Week!

It's been a busy week.  Just now I'm loading pictures on to my computer from my camera from the last week.  Here are some highlights...
Jacob showing off one of his birthday gifts from Uncle John, Aunt Kristin, Kate and Max...a Bills jersey!
 Last Wednesday we went to a baseball game, our first of the season as a family.  It wasn't even a Red Wings game, as Rochester is hosting a bunch of games for the Empire State (formerly Scranton/Wilkes-Barre) Yankees, whose stadium is being renovated this summer.  They were playing against the Gwinnett Braves, so Craig wanted to go.  It was a pretty low key game, but the weather was lovely and we had a nice time.
Jacob with Spikes and Mittsy

The first non-blurry picture Jacob has ever taken of me.  I guess he needs that outside lighting!

Attempt at a family portrait...almost!

Cute picture of my boys!

And Jacob being a goof as usual...
 Over the weekend Jacob got a couple belated birthday gifts when we saw Craig's family for his parents' 40th anniversary party.  Sadly, I don't really have many pictures from that event as I have concluded that his family isn't big on the photo ops!  Anyway, one of his birthday gifts was a full Captain America outfit.  He had a shield and mask/helmet, but this really completed the look.  He couldn't wait to get into it when he got it, and he's wanted it on a lot ever since.  The new skullcap mask really completes the look, and he couldn't wait to get home and get his shield!

This is an odd week with the 4th of July midweek, but the good news is that we only have to manage a couple days of work/daycare in a row.  Then we have a busy weekend ahead and three days off next week to spend some time with my brother's family.  Can't wait to see the kids together!  But first, hopefully some fun time together tomorrow!  And hopefully more fun blog posts to come!

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