Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Vacation

This past weekend we headed to Massachusetts to spend a couple days with my entire immediate family.  My brother's whole family flew in from Portland to my sister-in-law Kristin's hometown in the Berkshires for her high school reunion.  My parents came out as well, and because we were all embarking on our own vacations beyond the weekend, we all drove separately.  In addition, we started out in Buffalo on Sunday morning because we had a family wedding on Saturday and Craig was working in Canada.  My parents were up and out by 7am.  We took a little longer to get out, and then had a pit stop at home in Rochester to edit some of our packing choices and take care of mail (which I didn't stop soon enough) and newspaper issues.  We arrived in Massachusetts later in the afternoon, and pretty much got right to it in Kristin's sister's pool. 
The kids were doing a "train" with Grandpa (Jacob, Kate, and Kristin's friend's daughter)

Jacob and Kate with Uncle John

Little bathing beauty Kate
 Outside the pool was a handsome little man I was excited to see--Max!  You can see what he looked like seven months ago here.  I can't believe how big he is, but of course, lifting him up was a major switch from lifting Jacob!  Even Kate is way lighter than Jacob, which was a welcome change of pace because he's getting hard for me to lift at nearly 40 pounds!
Cutie pie!
We pretty much just spent Sunday chilling around the pool, playing in the yard, meeting some of Kristin's friends, and getting reacquainted with her sister's family.  We had a great time, but boy, was I tired by the time we got to our hotel at Jiminy Peak, where we were sharing a suite with my parents.  The place was very nice and it was helpful to have a separate bedroom to put Jacob to bed in, with a living room to spend the evening in without disturbing him (unlike tonight, where he's up horribly late after a late nap, in a shared hotel room, with parents catching up online after a day away from internet access).  Still, we had a terrible night of sleep.  Jacob has been having horrible coughing fits the past few nights (cold? allergies?) that kept us awake for hours, and he woke up terribly early anyway.  So, needless to say, we were extra tired on Monday.

We spent Monday morning doing the activities at Jiminy Peak.  There was a bounce house and playground for the kids, for starters.  Here are Craig and Jacob with the cute Cookie Monster carving near the bounce house...

Then we ventured to the more exciting activities.  First up was the alpine slide, which I had done before and figured Jacob would love.  It's like a big sled on wheels going down a dry version of a water slide.  You control your speed.  Here we are almost to the bottom...
You probably can't see it, but there are big smiles on both of our faces!
And then we headed to the mountain coaster--basically a mini, single-car roller coaster that goes down the mountain and has hand brakes.  I had never done this but had seen videos of European ones and was dying to do it.  Imagine my joy when I found out Jiminy Peak had one!
Getting ready to go!
And here's Craig at the bottom...
I had to convince him to go on both rides, but he enjoyed both.  Our biggest concern was actually whether Jacob would actually listen and sit still on the chair lift ride up to the alpine slide.  He did, and despite a tantrum prior to getting on, Jacob loved that, too.
After a few more activities and some lunch, we headed back for naps.  Jacob got in over two hours, and so did I.  Of course, he woke up asking why he was wet, having peed his pants while wearing full soccer gear that he put on (that he shouldn't have) when he was supposed to be trying to nap.  That involved some clean-up and a tantrum on his end, and was a less-than-happy ending to a blissful couple hours.

That night we headed over to the rental house where John's family was staying with Kristin's friend's family from California.  He sister's family came to join us as well.  We all needed to get our fix of our niece/nephew/cousins from the west coast!  They did a lovely BBQ feast, and we spent some time in the wooded quiet of the deck and hanging out in the living room-kitchen area.  At one point I caught Jacob and Kate sharing the iPad...
Cute cousins :)
And we finally got in a real family picture, but with three kids it was tough to get a winner.  I think this was the best I got!

It was a fun evening, but once again we arrived back at the hotel exhausted!  Luckily, we all slept better!  Good thing, too, since we had another busy day ahead of us!  More on that soon...but for now, SLEEP!

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