Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend and Stuff...

Gosh, I feel like it's been so long since I've had anything to report on in the "News" department.  Posts themselves have been fewer and farther between as it is.  I guess it's partly the time of year (we're short on interesting activities), partly an effort to get myself to bed earlier (so late-night blogging is a no-no), and partly less angst about parenthood in general, if that's possible.  I suppose it's not that I'm not agonizing over parenting as much as I used to, but perhaps I've just come to accept it and figure that complaining about Jacob's behavior for the 1000th time on this blog is probably just overkill.  He's three, it's annoying, but we'll figure it out.  And really, aside from the annoying behavior, he's a pretty great kid, albeit one that isn't particularly photogenic when the camera comes out.  I mean, I can only take so many pictures of him playing sports, and any other photo-worthy moments tend to be over before I can get the camera out (or because I got the camera out).  Hopefully I'll expound on that point in a blog post soon.

Anyway, I guess I just haven't had a lot to say.  I'm hoping the pleasant weather starts improving my mood a bit (both for being active and writing) and gets us motivated to go do more things on weekends.  This coming weekend is Craig's only weekend off within a good four-plus month span, so hopefully we think of something decent to do--even if it's just Jacob and me venturing out and leaving Craig home to sleep!  The weather this week is enticing and I hope it sticks around through the weekend so we can at least go to the zoo or do something outdoorsy.  I've been meaning to go to the zoo all winter, but either the weather or our schedule didn't cooperate, which seems funny considering what a mild winter it has been. 

This past weekend was a busy one, though I only have a few pictures to show for it.  Thursday night I did snap a picture of Jacob, who's back to sleeping on his floor again.  I don't know why this is such a fun thing for him, but as long as he actually sleeps, it's one battle I'm not going to pick...for now.
He's buried in there somewhere...
Friday night we stuck close to home and I ended up making homemade beer bread so I could make homemade French toast for breakfast in the morning.  Jacob loves French toast and I'd been meaning to make the bread anyway because it's so good, and the bread turned out even better than it did when I made it last year.  So easy, too.

Saturday morning Craig was up and out early for the Knighthawks' afternoon game, and Jacob and I enjoyed our French toast (which went well considering I'd never made it before, let alone with fancy bread) and had a lazy morning.  So lazy, in fact, that we were still in our pajamas when my parents arrived to hang out and go to the game with us (and their Rochester friends).  We headed out for a quick, early lunch, which Jacob devoured despite already eating a big breakfast, and went off to the game.

I don't really like afternoon games and think the "family friendly" nature of them is overrated.  Why?  Well, because anyone with napping children is pretty much excluded from going to them.  Jacob normally sleeps from about 1pm to 3pm on weekends, and gametime falls right into that window.  We ran into this problem a few weeks back at the Lancers' game, and we'll run into it again in a few weeks with another Knighthawks' game.  As with the Lancers' game, Jacob conked out on my lap around the second quarter.  His 20-minute catnap was enough to energize him, though, and he was eager to run off and play lacrosse at halftime, as usual. 
Grandpa played goalie!

Happy boy when he gets to play at halftime!
The bad news this time, however, is that an early bedtime would be impossible--more on that in a minute.  Anyway, the game was great and the Knighthawks pretty much dominated their biggest rival, the Buffalo Bandits.  Jacob was a very good boy and we enjoyed our time with my parents, who left right after a dinner of pizza back at home.  Jacob had 2-1/2 pieces, continuing his growth-spurt-worthy eating habits for the day.

We pretty much followed them back down the thruway shortly thereafter, once Craig was home and we packed up for a 24-hour visit to his family, for his mom's birthday.  We didn't leave quite late enough for Jacob to fall asleep and stay asleep, and despite putting on a movie for him, he conked out rather quickly.  Crap.  As if the lack of an afternoon nap and now a pre-bedtime nap weren't enough of an issue, we had the time change to deal with.  Lovely.  He woke up when we were nearly there, and despite my best efforts to get him changed and in bed the second we got there, he was still wide awake until sometime after 10pm (or 11pm if you're counting what time it would be post-change).  He did sleep in until after 8am, so that was good.  We still had a busy day ahead, but I was hopeful.

We ended up going to a pancake breakfast, where Jacob downed about three pancakes and three sausages.  That kid loves his breakfast foods.  We went to noon mass, where he was actually very well behaved, although probably a little tired.  We came back and forced an hour nap or so before heading off to the birthday party.  Jacob loves going to his cousins' house, because there's lots of toys to discover.  One of the first ones he gravitated to was this: 
One of the boys got a drum set for Christmas.  Jacob was loving it.

Who is this big boy?
Later on Jacob and his cousin Grant changed into costumes--Grant a ninja, Jacob a Power Ranger--and Jacob kept talking over and over again about taking off his clothes (ugh) and putting on the costumes.  Here he is, part Green Ranger, part Red Ranger, and part Spider-man...oh, and I think that's Captain Jack Sparrow's sword.
He finally had an iffy meal, probably thanks to a boatload of Chex Mix beforehand, but he was ready to go at cake time.  I snapped this picture of him while we were waiting to sing.  Look at that sweet face.

We headed out around 7pm just as the sun was setting (ah, the bright side of the time change), and ushered Jacob off to bed ASAP.  Busy weekend, but it was great.  Never long enough, though.

At some point in the last day or so he picked up a nasty cold.  There's a chance it's allergies, since we ran out of his medicine right in the midst of what must be a brutal allergy time right now with the crazy weather.  I picked up more tonight but didn't want to get him off his morning dose schedule so I'm waiting...and feeling beyond guilty right now because he was a MESS tonight.  He's choking on mucus, has a nose like a faucet, and is simply miserable.  It came on pretty quickly, but we'll have to see how he's feeling in the morning.  We gave him a precautionary dose of albuterol in case it was trying to work into his lungs (and we felt like we had to do something).  We'll see how things go tomorrow.  With any luck this will be one of the last bad colds of the year.  At least, I suppose I hope it's a cold, because if this is what happens when he's off his allergy meds, we're in trouble.

On to a busy week of random, premature spring...

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