Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uniquely Jacob

Jacob is a truly unique kid.  I suppose he's just like any other little boy out there, but there are moments I'm pretty sure he's one-of-a-kind. 

Take for example, the fact that he's been sleeping on the floor for a couple weeks now.  He did it for a while a couple months ago until we casually convinced him to move back to bed.  But then he started up again.  It sort of kills me to have his bed just sitting there next to him empty, but hey, as long as he's sleeping, I guess I can't say much.  It still seems weird and I can't help but wonder (in the overly obsessive ways only parents can) if it could cause any physical issues.  But so far it's fine, even if it leaves an inevitable mess on the floor since the animals rarely all make it back into the bed each day.  I figure at worst it will only last as long as it will take to get him into his own room someday, hopefully when he's got a sibling on the way.  He's got his crew of animals to keep him company and keep him somewhat corralled in his spot on the floor, and he often seems more willing to dive on that pile than he ever was to crawl into bed. 

I think he asks about a thousand questions a day.  It wears on you.  I'd probably not mind it quite as much if he didn't repeat the same questions over and over.  I haven't figured out why.  I can't tell if it's a test to see if he gets a different answer, or if he forgot the previous answer, or if there's something else going on.  He seems to remember things when pressed about knowing the answer, so maybe he just likes to hear himself and us talk.  The questions also aren't the easiest to answer, either.  I find myself torn between giving a three year old only the information he needs vs. possibly insulting his intelligence.  There are certainly concepts he's not going to understand, but I also think he's smarter than we sometimes give him credit for.  I try to talk to him like a big boy most of the time, since they say it enhances kids' vocabulary.  But try explaining for the tenth time why referees might wear watches during games but lacrosse players don't.  Or why criminals can't stick their arms out barred windows in jail.  Or why he's not allowed to wear shorts outside when it's cold but a whole bunch of idiots out in the world do it anyway.  Sometimes it's cute, and I want to try to answer everything honestly, but sometimes I know I'm being played and other times he gets downright cranky if I can't get him a good answer.  I don't want to beat down his inquisitiveness, since it's a good trait to have (once controlled, anyway), but there are times when it's like, can we just hold off on questions for a while while Mommy regains her sanity?

As I mentioned, his one teacher couldn't stop gushing during our parent-teacher conference about how smart he was.  And indeed, even in that time he's gotten even better with his letters and is constantly spelling things out when he sees a word somewhere.  A couple of his plates have words on them, and he's always asking what the letters are, then going through and spelling them.  He counts a lot now, too.  He still isn't fantastic at writing them, but they're working on it at daycare and I'm trying not to push it on him in the meantime.  Most of his drawings are still glorified scribbles, but some of them are starting to take on actual shape, even if it doesn't actually represent something.  He did do a chalk drawing the other day that he called a rocket, and it did have the right shape, but I don't know if he drew something like that once and was asked if it was a rocket, and took note.  Still, even if that was the case, he remembered and reproduced it. 

He's great at puzzles, though.  He got one as a friend's birthday treat (from the dollar store, along with a Spider-man watch--beats a bag of crap and candy!) that had 25 nice-sized pieces.  He did it in about five minutes or less.  He loves doing them at daycare and seems to pick up on it very quickly every time.  He loves Legos (big and small) and is still into his action figures.  I think he loves Daddy's old G.I. Joe's and Star Wars guys more than his own Batcave inhabitants, but it always amazes me to see his imagination come out. 

I think it's safe to say that this first real phase of his true personality is well underway.  You think your baby has personality...and then they get a personality.  And that's when you start to realize you might be overmatched.  It'll go through countless changes between now and adulthood, no doubt, but it's amazing to start seeing the foundation of what's to come.

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