Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super St. Patty's Day

Three months from today, Jacob turns four.  That seems crazy, almost impossible.  On one hand he is such a little boy.  He plays every sport in some way, runs all over the house, can dress himself, tell stories, have real conversations, and use silverware appropriately.  He knows what he likes, recognizes songs on the radio, and definitely makes his opinions known.  But on the other hand, he's still not that far removed from the baby era.  He still takes a lot of attention, cries quite a bit, and has issues with potty training.  But he's come a long way from the tiny baby I see in pictures, and it blows my mind at how far we've come as parents.  Still, we're struggling through this latest bout of anti-listening, potty-talking, strong-willed, smart-talking behavior.  It stinks.  He's said some hurtful things lately and it's a far-too-early preview of his teenage years, I'm sure.  Not cool.  Someday logic will work with him...right?

Anyway...what's new here?  Well, the weather the last couple weeks has been amazing.  Like 20-30 degrees above normal amazing.  Mostly 60s last week, and 70s this week.  Back to a gentler version of reality this weekend, but for now it's so nice.  The daffodils are already out, nearly a month earlier than last year.  Two years ago we had crazy hot weather Easter weekend (early April) and stuff popped out then, which seemed so early.  This mild winter and amazing spring have really spoiled us.  Jacob has been waiting to play sports outside all winter, and he's obsessed with playing lacrosse outside with Craig right now.  Every night, that's all he wants.  They've also been playing some baseball, and between the chalk baseball diamond and goal creases, our driveway is quite the canvas.  Here's Jacob standing on the pitcher's mound, though notice his addition...
He added the lines around the circle all by himself.  It actually looked super cool, and he did it on the bases, too.
Saturday morning, while I was doing the baby registry, Craig and Jacob went to the St. Patrick's Day parade.  It was a last minute decision to go and ride with the Knighthawks' Krew (a.k.a the booster club) in the parade.  Here are some highlights of the day...
Jacob and our friends' son, Dylan--two lacrosse-crazed little boys!  Dylan is a couple years older but they battle it out regardless.

A local high school mascot, but considering Jacob's love for all hawk/eagle-like birds (given the Knighthawks and their eagle-ish mascot), this was perfectly acceptable.

As usual, wearing some sort of sports equipment, this time a Rattlers' helmet

One of Craig's favorite pics of the day, looking at the caravan of Knighthawks-wrapped cars and the mob of parade watchers enjoying the 70 degree weather

So much for waving to the spectators...
They had a blast, but Jacob's behavior for the rest of the day was so horrible that we skipped a trip to Toys 'R' Us to use a 20% off coupon and a gift card Jacob got last year, as well as an ice cream run.  Somehow I feel like we were more bummed than he was, despite his anger when we told him we weren't going. 

Sunday we went to church and Jacob enjoyed Sunday School as usual.  He sometimes protests, but always comes out liking it.  I took advantage of my second straight gorgeous afternoon to work on yard work, and we went out to dinner.  I signed Jacob up for a local restaurant's "Little Leaguers" club, which got him a free soft hockey puck (which he picked from an assortment of sports balls) that he can bring in each time for free ice cream.  And what an ice cream it was! 

So...back to another week.  At least the weather is good.  Jacob had some accident issues today at daycare, which I'm hoping has to do with the antibiotics he's on.  Did I mention that he has another ear infection?  He woke up Wednesday night around 10:30 complaining his head hurt, which eventually morphed into his ear hurting.  Sure enough, ear infection.  He never really had poop issues with amoxicillin, but the last couple stronger ones he's been on have given him trouble.  Let's hope this was just an exception, because I just got the OK from his teacher today to stop buying pullups for naptime.  Slowly but surely...

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