Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Ramblings

Time for some random updates, news and notes...

- The Milk Project - Well, I guess the project is officially over.  I haven't actually told daycare that Jacob can have milk yet, mostly because he missed breakfast two days in a row and I wanted to avoid a messy breakfast Monday when he had his costume on.  He didn't really like the soy milk, at least not without chocolate or strawberry flavoring, so had it continued we would have had to try another type.  I wasn't seeing much improvement, though, so I figured it was ok to stop.  However...after a few good days at daycare, yesterday wasn't great.  I was hoping I could just chalk all the bad behavior up to Jacob having been sick for weeks, but other than a slight lull since late last week (with still plenty of moments in the middle), it seems that getting better hasn't really helped matters.  I've been sick as well, but despite the considerable amount of crap I've been able to expel from various facial orifices, I'm still not better yet.

- Picture Day - Today was picture day at daycare.  As in, official picture day.  They do those themed ones now and then, but today was the official, formal school picture day.  I didn't exactly have high expectations.  Jacob's still got his scar on his cheek, he had some minor scrapes on his forehead (might be from some Jason hockey masks he tried on at the store), his hair is crazy, and he's just not a good posed smiler.  I did some last-minute damage control with his hair (lots of wetting down, some trimming around the tops of the ears), I was depending on peer pressure for a good smile, and I was hoping they zipped up his sweater right.  Lots of "ifs" there, but surprisingly, the handful of advance proofs we got look good!  Now we just need to see how guilty we'll feel if we don't get the pictures...

- Potty Training - Potty training is not going well.  In fact, I think we're worse off now than we were six months ago.  I'm truly not sure what the problem is.  I have no idea if it's just a laziness thing, or if it's physical, or both.  My guess is that it's a little of both.  For starters, I know Jacob is always very wet every single morning, even though we limit post-dinner beverages and have him pee before bed.  So, it would appear that his bladder just isn't ready to hold it yet, at least not when he's unconscious.  That's fine.  I have very little concern with overnight at this point.  It's the daytime that drives me nuts.  Once in a while he'll do really well, but most of the time he's wet.  Every time.  No matter how much he goes to the potty, he's almost always got a wet spot on his underwear, and many times, it's a big one.  He still wears plastic pants to contain messes, so most of the time his pants are spared, but the wet undies are really starting to bug me.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that they bug him enough.  Back in the summer, when he'd have an accident, he'd tell us that he needed new undies.  Now, he doesn't even bother and we usually just discover it when he finally goes potty.  To be clear, it's rarely a full blown accident, but generally a pretty big leak.  It can't be comfortable, but apparently he's just used to it.  So now what?  How do we get him to stop going in his pants--that is, if he physically can.  The doctor downplayed his issues back in August, saying that it's normal until 4 or 5 to have accidents.  But all the time?  I'm starting to wonder if there's a problem, or if there's anything we can do until Jacob or his body decides it's ready.  The wet undies thing just seems problematic (if only because it'll keep desensitizing him to that feeling), but from everything I read, we shouldn't go backward and rely on diapers or pull-ups at this point.  I haven't tried hardcore bribery, but from what I'm seeing, I'm not sure that would help.  And anyway, I can't bribe him every day.  We ran out of undies last week, and running out of pants is a distinct possibility each week.  And I feel bad for his teachers to constantly have to deal with it.  I just don't know what to do, and it's getting so frustrating.  Oh, and I'm trying not to make a big deal about it, but I do ask Jacob periodically why his pants are wet.  No answer.

- Jacob did the cutest thing the other day.  We were making a deal--he wanted to wear his Team USA soccer gear, and I made him promise that when it was time to take it off and get in his pajamas, he needed to do it without arguing.  When I asked him to shake hands to seal the deal, I turned around and he was literally shaking his hands (almost like "jazz hands", if you will), which was so ridiculously adorable. 

- This is apparently a pretty significant time of year in my life.  Twenty years ago last week I officially started my hockey obsession.  Fourteen years ago today (I think) I went to my first Amerksroadtrips, two houses, one child, and so much more.  Good thing I called him back about five times before he actually returned my call to hire me ;-)

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