Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cell Phone Pics

As promised, here are the pictures I snapped of the photos stuck on my old cell phone.  Enjoy this blast from the past...

Five days old...hard to believe.

So sweet.  These two pictures were taken in the overnight room at the hospital a couple days before he came home.

This one was taken at the mall the day after his christening...which may have been Labor Day, if that's possible for it to be on Sept. 1st.  He was sleeping so sweetly.

This was taken Christmas Eve, possibly at bedtime.  He was laying on the bed in our room at Craig's parents' house, apparently very happy.

This was apparently on our living room floor.  Not sure why I used my cell for this one, rather than my real camera, but it's so cute!

Hard to see his face in this one, but he's in his car seat.  The winter hat and stuffed moose are perfect accompaniments.

Jacob's first experience with a balloon, at Fairport Canal Days.

He just kept holding it, which was so stinkin' cute.

Sleepy boy, probably in his car seat.

Drinking our frozen strawberry lemonade...yum!

Still drinking...

Attempt at a good pic of both of us after the lemonade.  Not too successful.

I think this was at the doctor's office.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, so out the cell phone came as one more distraction technique.

At the Red Wings game, taken the same night as I snapped the picture we eventually used for his 3rd birthday invitation.  I think I'd had so much success with the real camera that I thought it was a prime opportunity to update my wallpaper.
So, yeah, suffice it to say that I'm happy I at least have these to remember these little moments.  And what's better, now I carry my camera with me all the time so I should catch more moments naturally.  And in the event that I don't, at least I have a better cell phone camera this time around, so if they're better quality pictures, perhaps there will be more motivation to transfer them when they happen.  Not to mention that I've learned my lesson...

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