Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Update

Despite it being a busy and rather quick week, I don't have a lot to report. On Tuesday night we headed to Buffalo for Election night, as Craig's brother was running for state assembly. We dropped Jacob off at my parents, then headed to the southtowns to cheer him on. Jacob had a hard time letting go--lots of crying and screaming and reaching out--but was fine once we were gone, as usual. Unfortunately, Craig's brother didn't win. Definitely a loss for the voters, in my opinion...and that's coming from a Republican talking about a Democrat :) We slept at Craig's parents' that night, and headed out around 10am to retrieve Jacob. After lunch with my parents and a little playtime, we headed back to Rochester to enjoy the rest of our day off. Jacob and I went out after dinner to buy him a new coat, and it went surprisingly well. His teachers at daycare requested a heavier jacket than the fleecy one he's been wearing (the same style in a bigger size of what he wore all last winter) because they go outside to play, even on cold days, and he was chilly last week. We made a couple stops at the mall, tried on a couple coats, and Jacob only ran away once while he was out of the stroller. I'll take it. While I'm not excited about spending $30 on a coat for him knowing that he's got a full snowsuit waiting in the wings, at least I won't have to feel guilty or wonder if he's cold when we're running errands. And the bonus? He looks incredibly cute in it.

Yesterday Jacob got to go to the Strong Museum of Play on a field trip. His daycare has a membership so it's a freebie for us. I looked out my office window longingly, hoping to catch a glimpse of their bus. I can see part of the museum (not the cool part, unfortunately) and part of the parking lot from my desk, and I felt a little bummed that I wasn't there to see him enjoy it. I hope to go on a field trip or two next year, when I pick up an extra week of vacation upon my fifth anniversary at my job. This year, especially with the move, my vacation days are just too tight. Of course, knowing how stressful our last trip there was, I suppose it's not a bad thing to let other people take him for now! We'll undoubtedly try again one of these days now that he's past the two-year-old threshold that seemed to make all the difference for many other people. I can't believe he wasn't even two the last time we went there! This year has officially flown.

Tonight my college roommate Mary is coming into town to go to another concert (one we found about about at the last concert we went to last month). Child care didn't work out quite as well this time, so Jacob is coming with us. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing that it's a standing show with some bleacher seating. On the bright side, we're not hemmed into one little theater seat where he can get antsy. On the not-so-bright side, there may be room to run (read: be hyper and potentially get lost), and his attention may not be captured quite as effectively if we had, say, fantastic seats like at the last show. I think he might be at least vaguely interested in what he'll see and hear, though I am concerned about the noise level. I'm also concerned about the process of getting into the venue (the last time I went to a concert like this there, we were stuck in line outside in this exact same weather--cold and rainy) and not melting or collapsing once we're inside as a result of wearing or carrying winter coats. I'm also a bit concerned I'll be spending more time chasing Jacob and playing hockey in a dark corner than listening to the music and hanging out with Mary, but I really do want to go to this show for a number of reasons. One, I've heard of and generally enjoy all three bands, even if I don't own any of their CDs and might not even be able to identify them if I heard them on the radio. While I love Christian music, the one good station we have here in town is a bit repetitive, so inevitably I end up listening to my CDs more than anything...which makes it a little hard to find new bands whose CDs I'd like to buy. However, I've enjoyed Sanctus Real (the headline act) for years and have always been looking for an excuse to buy their stuff--usually I either get one CD as a gift and decide I need to hear more, or I go to a concert like this one. Maybe this concert will do it. Second, the lead singer of Sanctus Real is the guy I mentioned a few weeks ago that blogs about his baby boy and his congential heart defect. Now that I know a bit about him, I really want to hear him sing and even discuss what he's been through in the past few months. And I suppose if he discusses that stuff, that any stress I have from chasing after Jacob will pale in comparison, eh? I really want to go and while I'm hoping Jacob will get in his "zone" that he gets into when we go to sporting events (or the circus), I'm still preparing myself for a decent dose of stress in trying to contain him. The website said the concert is two hours, so hopefully I can manage.

Tomorrow is up in the air, which isn't a bad thing. Craig is off, and I don't think Mary's staying long because she's got report cards to do and horse racing to watch (though I did invite her to camp out in the basement family room where we'll leave her alone), so I guess we'll see how the day goes. Sunday is another hockey game, and since Jacob has been waiting (somewhat) patiently for two weeks, we'll be going. He's usually pretty well-behaved at hockey games, though I know one of these times I'll have to let him play hockey with all the other little kids and their ministicks. I'm not sure how that will go. He's a bit younger than most of them, but then again, the kid's got skills and might surprise them a bit. However, he's also too young to understand about not hogging the puck and playing well with others, so that concerns me a bit. Maybe I should just let him and see how it goes. If he hates it, he won't want to go back. If he loves it, it's only for 15 minutes each intermission, right?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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