Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Weekend Roundup

So, per my post on Saturday, it ended up being an odd weekend. While the potty training vibe wasn't quite as strong on Sunday, it certainly continued. Lest I get too confident, Jacob had wet pants when we got home last night. I'm not sure if he was just too tired to notice, or too lazy to mention that he had to go or that he was uncomfortable. Like I said before, I'm not expecting miracles...we still have a very long road ahead. Nighttime will probably be an issue for a while, and naps as well. Car trips are a crap shoot, I guess. Bedtime was uneventful. This morning he woke up with a full diaper, and initally he didn't seem too bothered by it, nor did he want to sit on the potty. But he quickly changed his mind, and when I went to pull his diaper off so he could sit, I noticed there was poop. And the poop promptly dropped off his butt and on to the floor. Lovely. Still, he managed a good round of pottying, and that was that. We'll see how things go this week. I'm still not convinced he understands "holding it", and I'm in no rush to go get big boy undies, but I suppose it has to move up the list a bit. Maybe next weekend we'll look into it.

Our weekend was fun, overall. We had a low key night on Friday, and then spent Saturday morning packing up to head to Buffalo to spend the weekend with Craig's family. We hadn't done that all together since Labor Day weekend, so it was long overdue. We did some running around once we got into town (hence the mall potty experience I mentioned Saturday), then hung out at Craig's parents on Saturday night with his brother's family. Jacob had a blast playing with his cousins, particularly since Craig pulled out a little hockey net for him to use. Here he is in action...and yes, I think we will be getting him a mini goalie stick for Christmas.

Sunday we had a pleasant surprise in that Craig's parents' church was holding a pancake breakfast. So off we went for pancakes! If I haven't mentioned, Jacob loves pancakes. I've starting making them for dinner once in a while (they're fast and I know he'll eat them!), and he just inhales them. He'd eat every single one, I think, if I let him. He also enjoys sausage. We don't eat those at home, but he gets them at daycare once in a while (they like breakfast for lunch), so I was happy to see that was part of the meal. Craig and I each got a plate and we figured we'd share with Jacob. Well, once we sat down, it was readily apparent that he was ready to eat. I cut up my whole plate and put it in front of Jacob before going up for a new plate for myself. Jacob ended up eating his entire plate--two pancakes and three sausage--plus a cup of milk. I ate less than he did!

It turned out that we were going to a birthday party for Craig's cousin's daughter, so we headed out on a shopping trip for that. Jacob fell asleep along the way, and then woke up in time for a quick trip inside the Hallmark store. Craig and his brother were looking around and I was chasing Jacob through the store. He ran up an aisle at full speed, and then suddenly I heard this sudden, terrified scream. Jacob turned on a dime with absolute terror on his face, and ran back toward me. All I can figure is that as he was running up the aisle, he saw a human-sized Santa. I think it's one of those animated ones that is made to look real, though this one wasn't moving. Regardless, I'm pretty sure it's what freaked Jacob out. He was super-glued to me for the rest of the time in the store, no matter how far away we were from Santa or how many cool things I tried to show him. He was so scared that he was breathing hard! I felt so bad for him because I don't know if I've ever seen him that scared, but I couldn't help but laugh. He's seen plenty of pictures of Santa, so I have no idea why this particular figure scared him so much. He wouldn't look up until we were out of the store. Poor kid. So much for going to visit Santa this year. Perhaps I'll have to warn daycare as well, since I think Santa is coming to visit in a few weeks. Yikes.

The birthday party was at a fun center--you know, the places with arcade games, big kid games, and a towering play area with tunnels and a big slide. We haven't done too much of that sort of thing, so I was interested to see how Jacob did. They had a few Jacob-friendly games, like a cool little basketball hoop shooting game that he was awesome at, and another couple that involved throwing balls. Initially we couldn't get him into the play area with the other kids, simply because he didn't want to take off his shoes. Jacob likes wearing shoes. He wants to wear them all the time. But after a while I guess he was interested, so he let me take them off, and off he went. His big cousin Madeline did great taking him through and helping him down the big slide a couple times. It was fun to see him having so much fun, and more or less independently, and hearing his shrieks of excitement! After about 10 minutes he was out and back to playing goal in front of the play area netting, which apparently was one big hockey net to him!

We did quite a few potty runs while we were there, with mixed success, and by the end of our time there he was getting difficult--running away, throwing things that weren't his--so it was a bit of a relief to get in the car and start working our way toward home. But all in all it was a fun weekend in spite of some odd sleeping patterns for all of us. Needless to say, we all came home pretty tired but generally happy. Monday morning brought with it the usual resistance against going to daycare (and quite frankly, despite putting a major pain of a project behind me last week, I was none too thrilled about heading to work myself, and I'm sure Craig was much the same). But we made it through and even took a trip back into the city tonight so Jacob could meet the Knighthawks' new goalie at a press conference to introduce him. He did, and only shot his lacrosse ball into a crowd once or twice ;-) We actually had a pretty good time, and fun when we were at home as well. Good night overall...thankfully. Just one more full week, and then a short week and before a couple days's coming!

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