Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week-ish in Review

It's amazing how time flies when you're not paying 100% attention.  Once upon a time I tried to update this blog every day, or every couple days.  As I mentioned in my last post, that doesn't happen much anymore.  It seems like I usually have one weekend catch-up post--if something interesting even happened--and then something pops up during the week that I just need to talk about.  But often somewhere in there I hadn't pulled random pictures off my camera or phone yet and things get a little lost because enough time passes that I can't actually remember what I did and did not post.  I actually have one more catch-up post coming up soon, but for this one I'll just extend our "week" a little longer. 

A couple weeks ago we had a beautiful but windy day.  Ever since the windstorm in March, windy days sort of put me on edge.  Even though I know pretty much nothing can compare to what we had, it still stirs up those feelings.  Anyway, I went to pick up Carter that day and as we were grabbing his stuff he mentioned that he'd made a kite.  It wasn't a real kite, just one to hang on the wall, but he asked when we could fly it.  Of course that wasn't possible, but I told him that maybe someday we could go get a real one.  And then it hit me that it was a windy day and having a kite might make that windy day a little less annoying.  I had just been to the dollar store a few days earlier and I was pretty sure I had seen kites there, so I had one of those parental "Yes" moments and we stopped there on the way home.  We picked up an Iron Man kite for a buck and went home to try to fly it.  And while we didn't have any epic flights, I was pretty impressed that we got it in the air for a couple minutes at a time a few times.

Carter was so excited to hold it as it flew!

However, the wind currents weren't as constant as it had seemed, so we had trouble keeping it up there, but considering I'd never flown one myself before, I felt like it was a good first try.  And now it's there in the garage if the mood strikes again!

The following weekend was full of lacrosse.  We had a game bright and early on Saturday, a half hour away.  It felt SO early on our one day where we can normally sleep in.  But we made it.  With away games I'm always hopeful that there will be a playground, and thankfully there was.  It was a cold morning, but sunny, so we tried to keep warm by running around until the game started!

Carter has gotten to be quite the climber!

Pardon that I cannot get this picture to rotate, but this is Carter looking through the floor of the playset.  It lined up perfectly!

We also had Jacob's first lacrosse tournament of the season on Sunday.  This one was for his house team--unlike the rest for his travel team which will put us on the road all weekend--and was local.  It was at a high school complex and took place on three fields made from one football field.  The weather was pretty cloudy when we arrived around 8am, but it was just warm enough for us to not feel too cold.  The forecast had been iffy all week but had perked up a day or two earlier.  The sun even came out at one point and it looked like it was going to be a nice morning, but then we noticed giant clouds forming in one direction and it looked like we were going to get hammered with a thunderstorm.  Luckily the big cell that seemed to be coming right for us dissipated and we only ended up with a steady but not soaking rain for the last game, at which point I took this picture, which just makes me smile a bit as it seems to capture sports parent life pretty accurately.   
Under the umbrella!
Initially, last week looked like it was going to be busy.  Jacob normally has practice twice a week, and he had a game scheduled for Wednesday, as well.  He had a therapy appointment Thursday, along with his school concert, so we knew we had a lot going on.  But then because of the Wednesday game there was no practice, and then the game itself got canceled as too few kids were available, so suddenly we just had one busy night.  Initially Jacob wasn't very excited about his concert and would have much preferred going to practice that night.  But then they sent home the note that said to dress your best, and of course he jumped at the chance to wear his suit.  And yes, I am still completely perplexed by how a kid who refuses to wear anything except athletic apparel in his daily life is so into dressing up when he can.  But there is no in between.  No khakis and a button down.  No jeans and a nice sweater.  Either all athletic or all dressed up.  That's it.

Initially the concert was supposed to be at the high school performing arts center, but earlier in the week it moved to Jacob's school's gym.  It was a major downgrade.  Considering it was full when they had just the moms and their kids in there for the Mother's Day event, I couldn't quite fathom how they'd fit three grades worth of parents and families, along with risers.  And sure enough, it was packed and people were standing.  On the bright side, that meant we got to leave early once the third graders were done, but it definitely made the whole thing feel a little less special.  It's always interesting to see Jacob in his element, and see some of the fruits of his labor.  His concerts always crack me up, though, because when I was a kid I went to a Christian school so all the songs we sang were either religious, patriotic, or related to our school play.  This concert had a song about fairness, another about recycling, and another that was a German folk song translated into Japanese.  It never occurred to me when I was a kid what public school kids were singing, but perhaps now I know.

Jacob's at the middle left.  The snappy dresser on the right is a good friend of his.

The view from our seats.  As you can see, it was a bit of an odd setup.

Where did this big kid come from?  Holy cow.

I had a shortened work day on Friday and spent the afternoon running around trying to get some things done.  It had been a crazy day at work, for a number of reasons (including the whole situation I wrote about last week coming to a head--turns out no one got the job, but it came out in a meeting before they actually told my co-worker who applied.  On top of that, HR wanted to talk to me about the position to make sure I wasn't holding anything back when the manager had talked to me about it.  So my co-worker and I both spilled about everything, then had a number of minor but ridiculous calamities hit on a short work day before a holiday weekend when we were pretty much the only people in our department in the office.  NUTS.), so basically I needed a few hours to decompress.  I ended up starting the long weekend with a whimper and went to bed rather early, hoping I'd feel a bit more energized for the next few days.

This weekend we were really trying to make the most of the three-day weekend.  We knew we had a Red Wings game on Saturday night, a picnic Sunday, and needed to fit in mini-golf somewhere in there, as well.  The weekends for all of June and half of July are going to be insanely busy for all of us, and I'm already panicking about the yard work that won't get done, among other things (as I look at my filthy house that just got cleaned two weeks ago).  Sigh.

Anyway, we had a pretty low-key day.  I planted my garden, the kids played, and eventually we were off to the game.  The cloudy day turned to sun just in time.  It was a nice though slightly cool night, and overall we had a good time, despite Carter getting a bit difficult.  We didn't get to stay for fireworks because the game went into extra innings, unfortunately.  But we did get these funny pictures...

And like I said, it was a nice night...

On Sunday we had my family picnic and my aunt and uncle's.  They live here in town so it's one of the few parties we get to go to with a short drive there and back!  It was a really nice day--a little overcast at times but very pleasant temperatures.  Carter got to play cars, Jacob played outside a bit, and I got to see family and even meet my cousin's new girlfriend who was braving a family function for the first time!  We ate a bunch and had a very quiet night at home digesting food.

On Monday we had a lazy morning thanks in part to the rain.  I did manage to get Carter to try on all of his summer shirts and switch out his seasonal clothes in his closet.  After lunch I did some running around, and then we went to play mini-golf, as the weather had vastly improved by then. 
We had some fun with the arcade games and the boys spent their tickets (mostly candy for Jacob, and a car for Carter), and then we came home for dinner and s'mores.

After that, it was still a nice evening so we had some bonus time outside.  The boys rode their bikes, and I snuck around to the side of the house to capture the rhododendrons in their full glory.  They are so big I don't know what to do with them!

And finally, this is what happens when you shoot a bubble gun at the same spot of grass for a while.  Cool, isn't it?

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend.  There was some productivity, some fun stuff, and a little bit of downtime.  Not enough, apparently, based on today, but I guess I should just get used to it because weekends will not be very relaxing for the foreseeable future.  But at least we had some fun.  And let's hope more fun is to come as summer gets into full swing...

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