Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just Something Pretty...

Like I mentioned yesterday, sometimes I get a little out of sync when it comes to sharing stories and pulling pictures off my camera in a timely manner.  And as a result, things get lost and forgotten along the way, until I pull the pictures off the camera and realize that, no, I never shared that awesome thing.  And while I generally want most of the stuff here to have some connection to the kids or parenthood in general, sometimes I try to find myself again, most often with pretty pictures.

Well, a month ago I was cleaning up from dinner and realized that the sky looked...interesting.  The clouds were sort of cool and the colors were getting more and more vivid.  I tried taking a picture from the kitchen window, but decided this might be worth going outside with the real camera as I was having trouble capturing things with my phone.  This is the result.  The "lumpy" clouds were hard to do justice, but they were amazing.  And social media agreed, as a lot of people caught very similar shots.

A couple days later was our annual Day of Giving at work, where we try to raise as much money through as many donors as we can in one 24-hour span.  It's always a crazy day, and this year I got recruited to help deliver cookie cakes to our advancement partners on campus.  I love going on campus, and actually getting to go through academic buildings was a first for me.  I couldn't help but snap pictures as I ran, though since I was traveling light they had to be with my phone.  And I can't complain--the phone did well!  I just wanted to share this little journey because it absolutely made my day.
Inside the Interfaith Chapel.  I knew the windows looked like this but was wowed by them in person.  So pretty.  And you can't tell here, but there are four sides of them.

Looking up the Eastman Quad at Rush Rhees Library

Closer to Rush Rhees, with the gorgeous blooming trees!

Inside the library

Same view from behind

I'd seen a print of this painting at my last job, as it features prominent Rochesterians from the heyday of downtown, in the old Midtown Plaza mall that was attached to both buildings I worked in downtown.  The mall was demolished a handful of years ago, though the clock in the center is now in the airport.  My old job was at an agency that was a downtown mainstay for years, and we had a copy of this in the office because the original agency owner, who still worked in the office into his 90s, is in the picture.  Who knew the original was tucked away near the admin offices at the Memorial Art Gallery?

The guy in the lower right in the dark suit was the agency owner/namesake.  Classic Mad Men-era advertising agency guy, and he never lost his spunk.
And, finally, I have to include this, because the moments where he sleeps on me are so rare now.  My sweet little boy...THIS I will definitely miss.

I love little moments like this.  Little bits of beauty in the world are sometimes the thing you need to make it through the day.  They make the mundane, day-to-day stuff a little more special.  I am looking forward to our summer adventures, for sure, but I hope I get a few more of these moments, too.

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