Friday, October 2, 2009

Videos! Finally!

I finally had a chance to get a new card for my camera and I finally remembered to grab the camera at times when Jacob was happy and active. Thank goodness. Below are a couple fun videos of his latest exploits. The first is him zooming around the house with his little walking toy. Seeing him do stuff like this makes me think he's more than ready to walk, but then I see that he still doesn't trust his balance and we may have a long way to go. We shall see.

I mentioned recently that Jacob loves ice cream cones...even without the ice cream. Here he is enjoying one without the ice cream. Notice how he sticks the whole top in his mouth. I would have taken more but this is when my data card filled up. We had a busy summer with a lot of picture taking, apparently, and I'm always hesitant to delete pics off my camera before I've printed them, or at least burned them to a CD. Anyway, enjoy what little I did get. The smile near the end is priceless :)

Hopefully more to come soon. We're venturing to the Amerks' home opener tonight, and hopefully out for some shopping before that. It's a beautiful day so I'm hoping we have time for a wagon ride, too. We'll see how things go post-nap. He was cranky and sleepy when we were trying to eat lunch (same time as at daycare, go figure) so he's down now and will have to finish lunch later. I love weekends but sometimes I wonder if he's in too good of a schedule during the week and we get the worst of him when he's off that schedule on the weekend. Ugh. I try to keep it the same, but obviously it still has to be at least a little different. Apparently at this age, peer pressure can be a wonderful thing. Oh well. Happy Saturday!

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