Friday, October 9, 2009

Doctor's Visit #1

We're bookending the weekend with doctor visits, first to Jacob's pediatrician this morning, and then back to the pulmonary specialist on Tuesday afternoon. This morning's visit actually went quite well, all things considered. We got there and were immediately surrounded by babies in baby carriers. There were four of them and one of us, all on the well side. I think the babies ranged in age from about a month or less to about six months, but I've lost all means of comparison on that so I'm not sure. But it was amazing to contrast them to Jacob now that he's such a big boy. I carrier, he was walking and climbing, he was pointing at the fan and the TV (playing Peter Pan...and seriously, how is that movie still around? It looked like something the Indian rights people would be all over...ahhh, adulthood.), and was just so lively compared to the babies. How far we've come!

Once we got in to the room, I was happy to see that I could answer "yes" to most (if not all) of the "Can Jacob do..." questions. I think there were a couple last time that were pretty solid no's, so it was nice to say a lot of emphatic yes's this time around, in spite of all my worrying. The doctor was thrilled with Jacob's progress, and despite his iffy eating, he's moved up to the 25th percentile for weight (22 lbs., 2 oz.). As for height, he's 32 inches tall, which is now more than half my height! That puts him in the 75th percentile, which is great. Even his head size, which I obsessed about a while back, is in the 15th percentile. So, it looks like we have a tall, thin kid...just like his Daddy was. All of his talking and signing put him right on target. And the fact that he puts signs together ("milk, please") is a good indicator. The doctor wasn't concerned about his walking. Eighteen months appears to be the danger zone, and I have no doubt he'll be running circles around me by then.

It was also nice to finally have all good reports on his breathing. He sounded great and he hasn't had his cough in months. Even through two colds, it hasn't come back...and that's a huge relief. Let's hope that Monday's appointment helps him get off of a couple of his meds. That would be such a great feeling for all of us...daycare included!

As a whole he was a very good boy for the entire time we were there, and he enjoyed playing with tongue depressors (even figured out he could stick them in my mouth) so he'd keep his hands occupied while the doctor checked him out. The downside of the appointment came at shot time, as he was due to get two immunizations. He totally freaked out when he got stuck, and cried for quite a while. Poor baby. He actually exhausted himself and he fell asleep on the five minute drive to daycare.

The one thing he didn't get today was flu shot. Apparently with all of the effort that's been made to produce the H1N1 shot, they stopped producing the normal flu vaccine for babies. Lovely. So, they're out for now but she suggested we ask when we go to the specialist on Tuesday, because hospitals get it first so they may have it. They might even have the H1N1 vaccine. Because it's so new it's a little worrisome, but it's made just like the normal flu vaccine so it shouldn't react any differently. We'll see, I guess. Maybe we'll just get the normal one first and wait on H1N1 to see if anything crops up.

So, yeah, it was an interesting morning. Oh, and last night we figured out that Jacob can now drink from a straw! We'd been trying to teach him for a while, and all of a sudden he did it...a lot! That was cool, but boy did he have a full diaper (wet) when we got home from dinner! We're hoping to take him to a pumpkin patch tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some fun to report this weekend. Enjoy!

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