Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Good Day

With all of our challenges, it isn't often that I can get to the end of a full day with the kids--alone, no less--and call it a good day.  It's even rarer on a day when we don't even leave the house.  But today all of the stars aligned and I can officially call it a good day.  So, of course, I must blog about it.

We slept in until 8am.  Carter and I snuggled while he watched a couple shows and Jacob kept himself occupied for a bit, until he came looking for breakfast.  He ate, Carter and I ate later--complete with smoothies, which probably came about because we had such a spring-like week.  I got dressed and started gathering up all of the remaining Valentine's and winter decorations to get them put away.  I'm not quite ready for the spring stuff, but I had some general stuff that will work for a couple weeks until the spring décor seems more appropriate!  The boys were actually pretty good about keeping themselves occupied, Jacob with video games and Carter with his toys.  By the time the décor was all organized, it was time for lunch.

Lunch went smoothly, and then it was time for Jacob and me to make a cake!  I had some extra frosting left over from Carter's birthday, and knowing we had a weekend without Craig and with questionable weather (it was warmish this morning, but it was rainy, got windy, then it got very cold and snowed tonight), I bought a couple baking mixes to have on hand.  I figured I'd finally let Jacob help me with baking since I'm usually too neurotic about it when it's for a birthday.  He picked the chocolate cake over brownies, dumped stuff into the bowl, and held the mixer--and he really seemed to enjoy it.  He was eager to decorate it, but we had to wait until it cooled. 

In the meantime, we FaceTimed with my parents who are leaving on a very long trip this coming week, since I hadn't talked to them since they got back from watching my niece and nephew last weekend.  Sounds like it was good practice for dealing with my kids in many ways, which will hopefully serve them well in another month!  After that, I played with Carter and his Hot Wheels cars for a bit.  We enjoyed his Sto 'n' Go playset that he got for Christmas and I built him a new track setup.  It's embarrassing how often I want to do something like that with him and don't.  So many times I have every intention of it, but things happen--he wants to watch a show instead, I putter around the house getting things done, we run an errand, etc.--and suddenly the day is gone and we never played.  I feel awful about it.  So when it does happen, it's great.

Eventually it was time to decorate the cake.  Jacob was all in!  He helped me spread the frosting, then gave me suggestions for the rest of the decorating.  He picked colors, the theme, and most of the details.  I used it as an opportunity to test and practice a few things, from adding an extra egg (per the advice of a random pastry chef we met at Disney right after Jacob got the initial diagnosis) to a Pinterest idea to use a cookie cutter to add sprinkles to the top of the cake.  I practiced writing (which I admittedly stink at), and played with a couple decorating tips I rarely use (for good reason, apparently).  This was the final result:
It is not nearly up to my usual standards, but it wasn't supposed to was all for fun.  And it was!  From the random dot placement to the partial flag (how 'bout that maple leaf, eh?) to the sprinkle moose, it was all just random fun as directed by Jacob.  He wanted the leaf, which turned into a flag.  He wanted "Canada" in cursive.  He picked the moose cookie cutter over the rest in my collection.  The sprinkle part was my idea because I'd been wanting to try it.  But he picked red for the sides and black for along the bottom.  He told me where I needed more dots on the top.  And he was super excited to eat it!

Sprinkle moose!
Even the experiment with the extra egg seemed to go well.  The cake was fluffier and more moist than I remember that mix being.  Overall, we were really happy with how it went and Jacob seemed to really enjoy being part of it.  And it made for a wonderful dessert after a dinner that neither kid really complained about, despite it including vegetables as one of the main elements (sweet potato fries for Carter and zucchini fries for Jacob).
After dinner Jacob immersed himself in a tablet and Carter watched a couple shows while I cuddled him.  Bedtime was uneventful, and I even got some time do to this while catching up on shows and listening to Craig's late west coast broadcast.  Overall, there were a few times today where I had to break up the kids and raise my voice, but things were less eventful than usual and I don't feel completely spent.  I'll call that a win.
I think the only other notable thing from this week was that we moved a desk into Jacob's room.  We talked about doing it when we did all of the furniture switching last month, but he initially said no.  Well, lately he's been doing a bunch of drawing, and when I brought it up again, he said yes.  It took a few days to get the mess in that area of his room managed so we could shift his bookshelf and move in the desk, but we finally got it done.  The desk was Craig's old one that lived in the corner of our basement in the old house but has been in the crawl space since we got here.  It seems to be working well so far and definitely finishes off the big kid room feel, minus a few decorations.  Those are still a work in progress, I guess.
I'll leave you with a little bit of spring.  The boys gave me flowers for Valentine's Day, and there was one stubborn lily that had not bloomed.  Other parts of the bouquet were dying off, and yet this one lily had done nothing.  I thought it might be a dud.  Then all of a sudden on Thursday I looked at it, and there it was!
It's nearly as big as my hand!
Appropriately, we had a nice little preview of spring this week with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but now it looks like we're back to winter for the foreseeable future, with the exception of a scattered day or two.  Weird weather, but at least spring is only three weeks away and we're almost to March...which would probably sound more promising if I didn't remember a handful of major storms in March over the years.  But we're getting there...spring is in view, even if it never feels like spring when it gets here.  Hang in there, kids, outside time is almost in sight!

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