Tuesday, February 7, 2017

News & Notes, Absolutely Random Edition

I don't like going more than a week between posts, so I feel like I need to pop in here and spew about whatever's currently happening in our house.  So let's see...

- Carter's birthday is in a week and his party is this weekend.  I feel horribly unprepared.  Fortunately, his party is usually way lower maintenance than Jacob's, since it's indoors and usually we just get pizza and wings.  I thought about doing more, but perhaps I just need to give myself a pass and be okay with it.  Craig's brother's family can't make it, which automatically drops the guest list by six (and Jacob is pretty unhappy about it--but honestly, between Craig's schedule and all of their sports, it's almost impossible).  Hardly anyone has RSVP'ed anyway, so I can basically assume the grandparents will make it along with a smattering of my side of the family.  Maybe 15 people total?  So pizza, wings, a few sides, some snacks, and cake and ice cream should be sufficient.  Right?  The good news is that Carter can get gifts from family and anything he doesn't get (or gets and loves) will help me shop accordingly for his actual birthday a few days later.  I have a couple things already, but rather than risk duplication I think I'm just going to run out early next week and make my final decisions.  He wants a few things and needs nothing, so I'm just trying to shop carefully so he has some things to open.  Oh, and that's not even taking into consideration Valentine's Day.  At least we have valentines for the kids, but beyond that...yeah, it's a Hallmark holiday.  Sigh.

- Speaking of the cake, for months Carter has been firm on his superhero-themed cake.  He didn't divert from the chosen character at all.  Well...yesterday he got all sad/mad and said he didn't want that cake.  He wanted a basketball cake with the (Toronto) Raptors playing.  Now, that sounds far more like Jacob than Carter, so I did more digging and from what I can tell, Carter is trying to change his interests to be more like Jacob.  I think he wants Jacob to like him (and his stuff), so he wants to shun superheroes and do more with sports.  On one hand it's sweet, and on the other it makes me a little crazy.  I like my very different children.  I like that Carter loves cars and superheroes and dinosaurs.  That's what makes him HIM.  I also don't want him to feel like he needs to conform to something to make his brother like him.  It bugs me that Jacob pooh-poohs so much of what Carter loves.  He tries to point out that superheroes don't exist, that Team Umizoomi is for babies, etc.  It's unfortunate and unfair to hold a three-year-old to eight-year-old coolness standards, but no matter how many times we intervene, Jacob continues...and apparently now it's being internalized and it makes me sad.  I think we're still going with the original cake plan, but for the first time he's wavering and it's a bummer.

- The situation with the boys is still really challenging.  Jacob's medicine got tweaked a bit again so we're just starting to see how that goes in the evenings.  Everything has been better at school--he even said he likes his teacher now that she's not yelling at him all the time--but once the medicine wears off our evenings are exhausting.  The boys simply cannot stay away from each other.  Jacob either can't help but bug Carter, or feels the need to get revenge for something Carter may have done.  Carter just wants to play, and thinks that the rough playing is how it has to be.  So we end up with them constantly wrestling or teasing each other or taking shots.  No matter how many times someone is sent to their room, moments later they're busting back out to get back into the fray.  It defies logic as they both make each other miserable most of the time, but they have some sort of magnetic attraction to the chaos.  I can barely get dinner made or leave them alone long enough to change my clothes or switch over the laundry, so it makes things a bit challenging.  On top of that, both boys are having troubles going to bed, often because they're both being loud enough to keep each other up.  Jacob's is probably medication related, but most nights he's still running back and forth to the bathroom or asking us random questions at 10pm, after going to bed around 9.  Some nights Carter is even worse, with the typical every-excuse-in-the-book bedtime right up through 10:30 or later.  Part of that is the ridiculous napping situation at daycare, where I prefer he doesn't nap but he often does.  They can't stop him if he gets tired, but I don't think they're encouraging him to stay awake by putting him at a table and giving him activities.  I'd fall asleep, too, if I was just left on my cot to hang out.  They know to limit him to an hour, but many nights that still translates into an extra late night, which only makes the cycle worse the next day.  And now Carter has been popping into our room around 5am some nights, which has been a tough one.  At first he was trying to bring toys, but I made it clear they were not welcome as it was time to sleep.  So he's been better about sleeping, but the problem is that he is a restless sleeper (more on that in a bit) so when he's sleeping next to me, I don't sleep.  Consequently, I have been mostly awake since 5am this morning.  Ugh.  That definitely needs to stop.

- Carter's well visit is coming up late this month, and I definitely want to see if the doctor thinks it's worth sending him to one or two specialists.  It seems like more specialists are the last thing we need, but Carter's sleep is concerning.  For one, he snores.  A lot.  And the restless sleep tells me he's not getting restful sleep.  He wasn't completely awful when I slept next to him last weekend, though he did have a number of moments where he was kicking me in the head or the back.  This morning I think he moved every 30-60 seconds on average, which is why I never went back to sleep.  My guess is that we'll end up at an ENT and/or a sleep clinic, and if I had to put money on it I would assume his adenoids at the very least will be on their way out.  He's had a constant cold for a couple months now, too, so perhaps the tonsils won't last long either.  That would stink, for sure, but we'll see where it goes.

- In other medical news, Jacob got a clean bill of health on his leg last week.  Everything is healing fine.  The most interesting part of the appointment was seeing his current x-ray compared to six months ago.  You could actually see how much he'd grown just based on the distance from his foot to the plate and screws!  The tumor was safely above the growth plate, and now we can clearly see that as it moves further and further up his leg!  So at least now we can take one specialist off our list.

Other than that we're just chugging along.  Winter, work, school, daycare, keeping us all alive...same old stuff.  Onward to the birthday countdown...

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