Thursday, January 26, 2017

News & Notes, Where Did January Go Edition

January is supposed to be the month that drags.  It's cold, dreary, and usually feels like it lasts forever.  And yet, here we are, with less than a week left.  Wasn't it just New Year's Day like, a week ago?  I guess somehow all of the projects I had going on at home, coupled with illnesses and a lot of projects at work have propelled us right through the month.  I guess that's a good thing, but I just sent out an invite a couple nights ago to Carter's birthday party that's in less than three weeks, so I suppose that's cutting it a bit close.  Hmmm.

So...what else is going on?  Well, I'm happy to report that Carter has been playing more with his toys since the big reorganization.  I think part of it is because he knows where things are and he doesn't have to dig through everything to find all of the other stuff he'd need to play.  All of the superheroes are in one spot.  The dress-up stuff is in a drawer.  All of his Hot Wheels cars and accessories are in one area.  So I think so far it's been successful...and so far I've been pretty good about reminding him to put things away, so we still have a pleasantly clean living room and bedroom!  He's a funny kid, though.  He's more likely to walk around with a kids' meal toy and a flashlight than he is to play with real toys most of the time.  It's a bit odd but I think it's funny how he makes up stories about what the items are for.  He's definitely a silly kid at times.  He has a serious side but he's not as stringent about things as Jacob tended to be.  Unfortunately, TV seems to be his favorite thing in the world, as watching a show will always be his preference, but when he gets that out of his mind he does like playing.  He's still really into superheroes and cars, but his new thing (thanks to a show) is Transformers.  He really wants Transformers for his birthday, which I suppose is nice since he doesn't have any yet and we didn't exhaust them at Christmas.  We don't really need a whole new line of stuff, but it's fine. 

Craig ended up sick last weekend--fortunately just another cold and not what Jacob had--but it hit while he was on the road.  I could hear him sniffle through his broadcast, and then he had a long day of travel on Sunday.  He stayed home Monday and was sent home Tuesday, but by Tuesday evening he was starting to feel a bit better.  The Knighthawks play in Toronto Saturday and it looks like we'll all be going (I need to get to IKEA...seriously), so let's hope we all stay healthy. 

Speaking of health, I never actually got back to my Celiac genetic test results.  If you recall, I was tested in the fall around the time the small intestine bacterial overgrowth was discovered, and while I got a test result back online, I didn't see any actual results in the test.  It just said something about the test being finalized, with no actual detail.  When I finally went to my GI doctor after Christmas, she looked it up and said that it showed a "moderate risk", which means the test was positive.  It still doesn't mean I will develop Celiac disease, but it could happen at some point.  I don't think there is much I can do to avoid it no matter what, but I imagine being in good health all around won't hurt.  I cringe to think about Jacob and how they say that stress can be a trigger.  I can't imagine what his little body and mind must have gone through 3+ years ago when his hit.  Between his new brother (and any resulting abandonment he apparently felt afterward) and the start of kindergarten, I just wonder if everything just crept up on him at once and caused the Celiac to surface.  It makes me so sad to think about.  I worry that someday there will be some extreme stress for me and that's when it will hit.  The doctor said that there's a spike in diagnoses for people in their 50s, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

After ignoring my health for all of the holidays and most of this month due to having so many other things going on (illness and furniture changes among them), I finally got back on the elliptical last week.  It felt good, but then this week hit and there has been a lot of stuff preventing me from getting back to it again (like last night when I got in bed at 9:45 because I couldn't keep my eyes open).  But it's still definitely on my agenda to keep up with, because in just a couple months I will be expected to wear a bathing suit in public and I need to not look quite like I do right now.  It's not off-the-rails-horrible, by any means, but there are some definite midsection issues and I'd like to work on that sooner than later.  Our schedules just feel really crappy right now and I can't quite wrap my brain around how to fit in an actual gym visit so I can start running again.  Of course, if I do that it means I absolutely need to get new sneakers and I have been putting that off for months.  UGH.

As for Jacob, we're still struggling with his behavior when his medicine wears off.  It seems to be working well at school, as his teacher had glowing reviews when I asked a couple weeks ago.  But when it wears off in the evening, he can be nearly impossible.  He gets irritated for no reason, he has endless energy, and absolutely no filter.  Bedtime is full of him jumping around his room and making random noises for an hour after bedtime.  At dinner he can barely stay in his chair.  Everything with Carter turns into a fight.  It's incredibly difficult to get through the night without losing it with him.  It stinks.  He's on the cusp of getting to the long release form of the medicine so we're hoping that the more constant dose will keep him a bit more even-keeled.  But maybe it won't.  The success at school is really important, so I'm trying to look at that bright side.  But I decided that the challenge is not just getting through the evening, but making sure that the tactics we use to get through the evening don't drive a bigger wedge between us.  When logic and polite asks don't work, often you need to resort to more forceful measures.  Over time all of those extreme measures can take their toll, and that's what I hate about it most.  Yes, it's hard, but ultimately it's just going to make matters worse, even if it's something we have to do to get through the day. 

I guess that's the big stuff right now.  We have a pretty big weekend ahead, but more on that soon!

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