Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Rest of the Story

So, I mentioned in my last post that Jacob got sick.  He woke up Saturday morning complaining of light sensitivity, and then he had a headache.  At first I thought it was a migraine, but when Tylenol worked right away, I knew it probably wasn't.  But within a few hours he was laid out on the couch and the body aches were setting in.  When the low-grade fever and congestion set in, I figured he had exactly what I had over Christmas and what Craig got a few days later.  I cringed at the thought of dealing with two weeks of Jacob's misery (God knows we as adults were pretty unhappy that long), but I was thankful it wasn't a stomach bug.  And the other good news was that Monday was a holiday and he had an extra day to recover before school.  By midday Monday he had perked up considerably, enough that he and Craig went to see a movie and he was pretty active that night.

Craig and I went to bed a little before midnight on Monday.  I think I was still pretty awake because Carter was snoring enough that it was bothering me (both the noise itself and the agony of listening to his congested little body try to breathe through his nose--we will be chatting with the doctor late next month and I am fully expecting an ENT visit is in our future).  And as a result of being awake, I heard whimpers coming from Jacob's room.  Craig went to check it out and I followed shortly thereafter.  Jacob was crying, seemingly half asleep.  Strangely, he was responding to us but also talking nonsense.  He was saying some really funny stuff about hockey players (too much NHL17 on Xbox, perhaps?), but it was clear he was unhappy.  It was almost like a bad dream that he was half awake for.  But as he continued to whimper, I realized he might actually be in pain, so I asked him specifically what was hurting him.  He finally said that he felt like he was going to throw up, and instantly we managed to rouse him enough to get him into the bathroom.  We did our usual comforter on the floor thing and after a little waiting, sure enough, the stomach bug made its entrance. 

I tried to be the one to stay up because I didn't want Craig getting the bug before his roadtrip this weekend.  I alternated between hanging out with Jacob and climbing back into bed between episodes.  I never slept, though, and of course Jacob made sure of that.  Between yelling for me, asking for company, requesting water, whining, and opening and closing the cabinets to attract attention, sleep never came.  At one point he was complaining so much about how much his stomach hurt on his right side that I started Googling "appendicitis symptoms".  I did one easy test that appeared to be negative, though, so I tried to put that to rest.  He had a stretch of a couple hours without an episode, but at 4am one more came.  After that things settled down and I think I fell asleep around 4:30 or 5am.  I changed my alarms to the last possible wakeup time, and I figure I got a couple hours of sleep total.  It made Tuesday pretty painful at work, and by lunch time I was struggling.  I called once to check in, and Jacob was feeling a little better but his stomach was still sore.

When I called mid-afternoon, I could tell they were in the car and Craig nonchalantly said that they were on their way to Strong (the hospital).  That sure woke me up for the rest of the afternoon!  It turned out that when the stomach pain remained, they called the pediatrician and they felt there was enough reason to investigate further for an appendicitis.  So off they went.  I had visions of another surgery, another night on the convertible visitor bed, another year where my health care flex spending account was gone by the end of January, another hiatus from lacrosse.  Fortunately, some blood work and an ultrasound later, Jacob was deemed simply viral and sent home.  It was certainly a relief, but I just wish peace of mind was not so pricey!

He was better yesterday, finally eating a bit more and even requesting his homework so he could get a jump on it for his first day back.  Now I'm just nervous about one of those reoccurring bugs or that one of us will get it.  I can picture ways that any of us could have picked it up, but I have no idea what the hibernation time might be.  It's nervewracking, but at least I got through yesterday's rescheduled holiday party at work.  A lake effect snow storm before Christmas postponed it, and it was a bummer after being part of the planning committee.  But we tacked it on to a departmental retreat, and all went well.  Now I just have to worry about Craig's trip this weekend and some tight timelines at work...and another lost night of sleep.  Blah.

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