Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo Saturday

Yeah, it doesn't have the same alliteration as Photo Friday, but I just couldn't do it last night.  Carter didn't nap yesterday for some reason, and he melted down in the evening while we were out.  We came home with him still screaming, then Jacob flooded the bathroom, and I ended the night on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a DVR full of shows.  Anyway...

So...I've posted here before how much Carter loves using the bubble mower outside.  Well, we came up with a wintertime solution...
Those are Tinkertoys.  Years ago, before we moved, our awesome old neighbors gave me a garbage bag full of toys.  I looked in it a few times over the years, but I'm ashamed to say that I never pulled them out until last weekend.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's the overwhelming amount of toys we have, maybe it was not wanting to deal with Jacob not being old enough to play with the toys without getting frustrated...I don't know.  But I guess with all of this time at home I'm just trying to keep things fresh, so out they came.  Jacob also played with Lincoln Logs at daycare on MLK day, and I felt it was only right to bring them out.  Inside was a set of Tinkertoys, a set of Lincoln Logs, and a building set that uses large plastic nuts and bolts to put things together.  We've had fun with them so far, though we ran into a couple stumbling blocks with broken or missing pieces with some of them.  Still, Jacob got a Lincoln Log lookout tower for his Playmobil guys, and I made Carter a fun truck to push around with the nuts and bolts set.  But when I saw the lawnmower in the guide for the Tinkertoys, I knew Carter would love it!  It's "broken" about 100 times already, but it's been fun watching him.  Those toys have now officially entered the rotation, so perhaps we'll be seeing more of them.
On Thursday, I had made plans to have lunch with my weekly lunch buddies (for the last nine years while I was working), and I went to the gym in the city that morning before cleaning up and heading over to eat.  After lunch I took a little detour, despite the cold, and wandered a couple blocks over to the Eastman School of Music.  I knew that in one of their buildings there was an atrium that contained a Chihuly chandelier, and I'd never seen it up close.  I figured out where I needed to go and walked there.  I felt a little funny wandering in and gawking at it for five minutes, but it was worth it!

It was so beautiful, as are all of his pieces, but it's cool to know this one is so close.  And all it took was a little walk in the city to see it!
Friday night Craig had scheduled a photo shoot with a few of the lacrosse players with some puppies up for adoption.  We headed over to the hotel to see them before the shoot.  The puppies were so stinking adorable.

The two on the left are sisters.

Hard to tell from these pictures, but they're pretty small.
I was a little bummed to find out that they were all pitbulls.  I know, I know...not all pitbulls are mean and if they're raised right they're fine, but it scares me that the breed is generally known to be capable of terrible things.  Still, I fell in love with this little one...
Say hi to Eve <3 em="">
She was so sweet, so adorable...I just loved her right away.  Of course, I know better.  We cannot have a dog.  We are rarely home (well, normally), we have a house full of off-white carpeting and chewable toys, and cleaning up after two kids is plenty.  But oh, she was so cute.

The sad little wrinkles on her face were too much!
Of course, I spent most of the evening chasing Carter around.  He kept trying to run into the photography shoot, and at one point he ended up on the floor like this...
Notice his short, big boy haircut!
 And then he was up against the wall like this....

And most of the time he just looked like this...

As I mentioned, he didn't nap yesterday (just sat in his crib for two hours, making noise, crying once in a while for attention, and definitely NOT sleeping), and I knew that a meltdown could be imminent.  He had a little snack and when there wasn't anymore, he started screaming.  He proceeded to scream through all of us getting our coats on, carting him through the lobby, getting him in the car, and for most of the drive home.  Then, once he was ready for bed and the bathroom flooding episode had stabilized a bit, he freaked out because I wouldn't let him take his sippy cup of water into bed with him.  A little more screaming after that and he quieted rather quickly.  The bathroom flooding got resolved after that, the result of a plugged toilet earlier in the day.  I never got it unplugged earlier as the water level didn't get low enough and we had to leave, and before I could remember, Jacob had peed and flushed.  He tried to "fix" the toilet with a second flush as the first one was already about to overflow the bowl.  Sigh.  Not a good night.

But fun pictures, no?

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