Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting Sick of This...

Literally, I am so sick of this.  Adding to a long line of sickness, now I am sick.  Originally I thought it was the same illness as Carter had, but this is acting quite different than his.  From start to finish the worst of his was at most eight hours, and it was all throwing up.  After that he seemed fine, asking for water and food right away and having tons of energy.  And then there's me.  I woke up at 3am feeling pretty crappy.  Not to the extent I thought I would end up feeling like I do now, but crappy.  It started as a lower-half problem, but after a couple hours of that, I had one vomiting episode.  Luckily there wasn't much there so it was short-lived, and I felt much better afterward.  But things went downhill from there.  The lower half issues continued--not quite as bad, but not great--and no amount of hydrating seemed to make a difference.  I tried water and a water-Gatorade mix.  I've been consistently drinking all day and I'm still feeling dry.  I ate a couple cups of Rice Chex, then moved along to a banana and some pretzels tonight.  Nothing has come back up, but I'm still getting some gurgling.  I'm exhausted, a little dizzy when I get up, and having some muscle aches that I'm treating with Tylenol right now.  I just don't feel much better, which is discouraging.

Add into the mix that Craig's season officially starts tomorrow, and this is a recipe for disaster.  He's actually out tonight taking care of some media stuff, and I had to leave a screaming Carter in his crib at bedtime because I couldn't risk handling him too much.  He wouldn't leave me alone, kept chewing on things, and basically was the poster child for how illnesses get spread.  So I changed him and put him to bed as quickly as possible.  I felt terrible, but I didn't have much choice.  Jacob can mostly do his own stuff, but it's still a challenge being here alone with them.  Tomorrow Craig has to work most of the day.  Jacob has a lacrosse game, and his team is playing during halftime at the Knighthawks opener tomorrow night.  I have no idea how we're making any of that happen right now.  I'm mostly just praying for a quick overnight recovery.  It's just discouraging when you feel like you're doing all the right things and it's not helping.

I feel like it has been a constant stream of illness in this house for the past few months.  From Craig's shingles and his cold-like illness that he got just before the one I got in November, to my cold that stuck around for six weeks, then pinkeye, now this.  Jacob had his gluten exposure, lots of congestion, and then the fever before Christmas.  Carter has had colds, his Christmas fever, and then his stomach bug.  I feel like it's been an unprecedented series of sick days all along.  My boss probably thinks I'm making it up by now.  I really hoped that the new year would bring better health, but this is not a good start.  I'm worried about anything getting passed along to Craig for the opener or Jacob getting something just in time to go back to school.  Not only would either of those scenarios be awful for them, but it could mean more time off of work that neither of us can afford to take. 

I just don't know what to do next.  We take vitamins, we attempt to eat healthy, and yet one thing after another seems to find us.  Such a bummer way to start the new year...again.

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