Thursday, December 25, 2014

Oh Christmas Week, Oh Christmas Week...

Merry Christmas!  It's the very end of Christmas night, and I clearly have some catching up to do.  The week before Christmas was pretty crazy, as usual.  This week ended up far more complicated than expected.  When I last blogged on Saturday night, I was still dealing with the worst of my virus--which, honestly, isn't much better but is a little better controlled, at least. 

Well, when we woke up Sunday morning, Jacob was complaining of eye pain.  When I went in to check on him, I realized he was burning up!  His fever was only around 100, but it stuck around for a while.  He complained about belly pain and had a few spells where he was convinced he was going to be sick, but he never did.  The fever was a bit lower on Monday morning and he seemed in good spirits.  He was off school and very excited about going to daycare.  It was Santa day and party day, and I promised that if his fever was lower and he felt OK, he could go.  So off he went, and all was well until about 4pm when we got a call that his fever was sky high and he was complaining about being sick again.  Because he got sent home he couldn't go the next day either, which made Tuesday a very complicated day. 

I had already planned on buying lunch for the daycare teachers as our Christmas gift to them.  They had all pretty much been involved with the kids this year, so rather than buy them all gifts, it made more sense to do a big group gift.  But with the time I had to pick it up, and both of us needing to get work done before the holiday but also needing to keep Jacob home, it got a little crazy.  I spent most of the day worrying that we wouldn't be able to go to Buffalo for the holiday.  My freaking out would have made a great blog post, had I had time to sit down and write it, but I was doing so many last minute things--shopping, wrapping, baking--all until the wee hours of the morning.  I was at the mall until 10pm one night and picked up a bike just before midnight, shopped at Kohl's until after 10pm another night and visited Toys 'R' Us no less than three times in one week.  It seemed like the shopping would never get done, but eventually it did...even though I was still worried we'd be stuck here.  As hard as it always is to finish things early, pack up and haul off to Buffalo for a couple days of craziness, I was very concerned about staying here because we really appreciate our family time so much.  It seemed wrong to miss out on it for a year.  While quiet family time at home has its benefits, we've both always grown up with lots of family at the holidays and wouldn't have it any other way...for us, and for the kids who deserve the same chance to open gifts and play with their cousins like we did.

Fortunately, by later Tuesday his fever was I launched into packing mode and finished wrapping for the kids so we could have our "Christmas morning" on Wednesday before we left.  Of course, by Wednesday morning, just as Jacob's appetite seemed to return a bit more to normal,  Carter was sounding very congested and I was afraid he'd be the next victim.  But we did our Christmas morning, finished packing, and headed off to start our big holiday odyssey. 

I'll have an update on all of that soon as I can dig out from the pile of toys and get my camera out to upload pictures.  I'm tired now and Carter is, indeed, congested and feverish, so I may have a long night ahead of me!  But for now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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