Friday, November 28, 2014


Well, this Thanksgiving weekend isn't quite what we planned.  Best laid plans and all that...right?  For weeks I'd been looking forward to this long, five-day weekend.  I had visions of enjoying a day or so with our families, and then catching up on things at home and getting the house decorated for Christmas, then maybe venturing out to start checking things off the shopping list.  The first part turned out that way, but the second half?  Not so much.

Craig's uncle passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday.  He was only 53 and had been sick to varying degrees on and off for the past couple months, but this last admission to the hospital didn't look good and Craig was summoned to Buffalo on Monday to say his goodbyes.  He died the next afternoon, and we started planning for an extended trip and a very, very tough few days.  It's not just planning for five days of travel, it's five days of dress clothes and comfy clothes, odd schedules and unknown food situations, and a lot of tears.  We barely fit everything in the car.  Packing was almost as bad as Christmas, between having to fit things in the car and checking off a long list of things to remember. 

I had already planned on taking off Wednesday so I didn't have to stress while packing (under normal circumstances) and could go to the daycare Thanksgiving feast more easily.  Jacob was off, too, so I could save us some money by being home with him.  We headed over at lunch time (with gluten-free gravy and stuffing in hand) and had a very nice lunch--Jacob with the big kids and Carter with me.  We brought him home with us and I was hoping to get a long nap out of him while I got things ready, but alas, it was short.  I still got things done on time, but it was a little crazy.  We headed for my parents' that night to get a head start on things, and did church and a lunchtime meal with them, my aunt, two uncles, and my cousin Lori.  We had a very nice time, though Carter crapped out pretty early for a nap.

I cooked up my gluten-free green bean casserole (using Funyuns, of all things!), then we headed off to Craig's brother's house for our dinnertime meal there.  The food was delicious, the company fun, and the resulting bloat a bit painful (I can't help myself, seriously).  Jacob slept over with his cousins and was a mess today due to too little sleep, and Carter slept well but was a force to be reckoned with anyway.  We went to our nephew's basketball game at 12:30, grabbed a late lunch, and headed back to let Carter nap.  We headed over to Craig's brother's for a dinner of leftovers and some family time, until it was time for two overtired boys to begrudgingly go to bed.

Tomorrow the hard part begins.  I'm so thankful for our many blessings, but there's no doubt this Thanksgiving was with a much heavier heart than usual.

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