Friday, November 14, 2014

News & Notes, Frozen Edition

The weather has taken a sudden frigid turn.  It was nearly 70 on Tuesday, and the last couple days it has been freezing.  We woke up to snow on the roof tops this morning, and Jacob was thrilled!  I guess winter is here.  Carter is having a tough time with it.  He hates his winter coat, and refuses to wear mittens.  I need to find him mittens with a string so he can't lose them if he takes them off.  He refuses to keep them on, though, and I worry about his little fingers.  He doesn't seem that bothered by the cold itself, so how do I get him to be okay with mittens?

I was actually home sick the last couple days.  I finally went back to work today, still sporting a heck of a cough.  I started feeling cruddy on Tuesday night, getting the same muscle aches that Craig had when he got sick last week.  The chills and hot flashes arrived (though I never got a good fever reading), and I felt generally crappy by Wednesday morning.  I took some ibuprofen, pushed through half a work day from my couch, then rested the rest of the day.  Then I did the same thing yesterday.  I wanted to keep the work moving but keep the germs to myself and get as much rest as possible.  As crappy as I felt at times, I never got as bad as Craig, and ultimately it wasn't the worst way to spend a couple days.  The cough will be around for a while, but at least I'm functional.

Two years ago today was my nasty car accident.  It was such an awful experience, but two years later I'm extra grateful that it wasn't worse.  To think that anything could have happened to Carter, who was still pretty tiny in my belly at that point, is heartbreaking.  It made for a very tough month, that's for sure.  My car is almost two years old now, and while I love my Bluetooth, I still curse the non-automatic headlights every day.  I still think about the accident at least once a week when I drive through the area on my daily commute.  The only truly good thing that came out of it was that I allowed myself some retail therapy that night and I still LOVE the quilt I bought for our bed.  Now if I could just figure out how to decorate above the bed...

Tomorrow Carter is officially 75% of the way from one to two.  Twenty-one whole months!  Three more months until his second birthday...and it barely seems possible!  He's saying so many words now.  Not always clearly, mind you, but he recognizes so many and tries to say so many!  It's amazing to watch him!  I need to get video of it ASAP, because I need to remember this phase forever.  Have I mentioned that he calls Jacob "brother" instead of by his name?  So sweet.

Jacob is a giant handful right now.  Sometimes he can be so awesome, and other times he refuses to listen, completely ignores us, and has temper tantrums about almost anything.  It's pretty ridiculous and I'm not sure how to help him manage that anger.  But things are still going well at school, so I guess one out of two ain't bad.

But in general, things are fine. I'm definitely looking forward to a five-day weekend in a couple weeks, but for now we're all hanging in there.  More soon...

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