Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ten Months!

Who's got two thumbs and turned 10 months old today?  This guy!

That was totally not on purpose, but it cracks me up!  Hard to believe our little man turned 10 months and we only have two more months before he's noshing on cake (hopefully...barring anymore weird food things!).  Apparently top teeth are what cause kids to start doing the ridiculous squinty cheese face, because he just started doing that today!  His top three teeth are coming in really fast and they're pretty obvious now.  He's turning into such a big boy!

It was a busy and productive weekend even though Craig was gone and I'm starting to get sick (again).  My parents came in yesterday to watch the kids while I ran out and got a ton of gifts.  The snow was pretty brutal and in twelve hours or so I shoveled about 4 inches out of my driveway twice!  Not sure if I'm sore today from sickness body aches or from shoveling.  I also changed the furnace filter, baked a batch of cookies, did three loads of laundry (well, washed and dried...folding is still undone), took our Christmas card picture, and kept both kids alive and well.  I did more online shopping tonight, and I'm slowly whittling down my list and making decisions, but still a lot left to do.  Two Christmas parties this week, too. 

One other thing to note is that we got a call from Jacob's pediatrician late last week and she said that per the paperwork we submitted and Jacob's teacher filled out, he didn't qualify for any specific diagnosis like ADHD or anything along those lines.  He's definitely a different kid at home than he is at school.  Here he has more hitting issues and is simply defiant, whereas at school he has trouble focusing or following directions because he's simply distracted.  On one hand I guess it's good he's not serious enough to warrant a diagnosis, but on the other it doesn't really give us any answers.  We need to start the process to see a behavior specialist now because it takes a lot of time to do it, so we're going to do that.  We could medicate down the road, but it may not work given his symptoms so that will certainly be a last resort.  We still have yet to get the evaluation from the district, and that one may be more important because he probably would benefit from having some extra attention in the classroom.  No scenario is ideal, obviously, but if we can help him learn how to manage his distractions a little better, that would be great.  We shall see.

I'm exhausted now, so it is past time for bed.  Wish me's going to be a fast, busy week.  Help!!

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