Sunday, December 22, 2013

News & Notes, Not Enough Time to Write This Edition

Sorry for the radio silence.  It has been a busy week.

Christmas is four days away, and our Christmas starts a day before that. I need to be ready to go--wrapped, packed, and all--by Monday night.  I still have a few gifts to buy, and I'm mostly on my own with a sick baby (yes, again).  Craig and Jacob are currently at Jacob's lacrosse game.  They're also heading to Buffalo tonight and Canada tomorrow for Craig's Knighthawks championship ring ceremony.  It's good in that it's one less kid to manage, but bad in that I lose my built-in baby distractor when I really need it.  The only reason I'm even typing right now is because Carter desperately needs a nap and he wakes up every time I try to put him in his crib.  So, he's on my chest and I'm typing around him.  He came down with a fever yesterday, and he's still got it now.  It's up around 101, too high to just be teething.  He's got a cold along with it, and he's pretty sad as a whole.  I had more or less deduced that his issues a couple weeks ago were just a virus.  Apparently the spaced-out puking is a thing the doctors have been seeing, and once his appetite came back, he tolerated the oatmeal and Cheerios just fine again.  Of course, earlier I gave him his first bit of dairy since all of that, and he did an awkward burp-puke thing shortly after.  It wasn't much, and he's held the rest of that bottle down so far.  I'm still a little concerned about dairy, but it could all just be weird circumstances.  I wanted to try over a weekend, but perhaps we'll give it a rest for another few days until this virus is gone.  I have one more day of work before nine days off, so I'll have time to experiment more.

I'm about 85% done with gifts, but I do have stragglers to get somewhere in between Carter's misery.  Some are clear and easy, but a couple are a little less clear. 

[Insert 10 hours and lots of activity here]

So...Carter is no less miserable, but I did get a lot done.  After I stopped writing when Carter woke up, I gave him some Tylenol (trying to hold off unless he's visibly uncomfortable) so we could go out and do some running around.  We got a lot done at Kohl's--far more than I expected--and survived a very long line that actually went relatively fast.  We went to Wegmans to pick up a few things, then headed home.  We still have to get a bunch of gift cards for some daycare teachers and a gift for our niece, but I think pretty much everything else is done!  I did a lot of wrapping, as well, maybe a little more than half.  Of course, it took another late night and I'm risking major sleep right now writing this because Carter has been restless and I'm flying solo tonight.  Oh, and as an added bonus, he puked all over me tonight, which may have been another round of the dairy problem...or maybe it's just a little tummy upset or choking on mucus again.  I'm really thinking it's the dairy now, but we'll see.  He may outgrow that one sooner than the rice, but we'll see.  I may email his allergist again and see what his thoughts are.  Not going to let it stress me out yet...not much, anyway.  Once we get past the holidays I need to make an appointment with the dietitian at Strong to see if we can get some sort of meal plan to feed him without completely blowing up my kitchen given the conflicting gluten, rice, and possible dairy issues. 

Anyway, the fever has been pretty brutal and I'm hoping it chills out soon.  I'm half expecting a roseola rash to pop out just in time for Christmas, but the fever hasn't been as high as I would expect for that.  He's got a nasty cold, though, and the fever definitely makes him a little more irritable.  He's in a weird spot now of always wanting to be held, but not wanting to sit still.  It is a challenge. 

The week has been crazy, from Craig's Christmas party on Tuesday to my Christmas party on Thursday, and shopping and such in between.  I've also been sick with a nasty cold all week, which has not made things any easier.  Craig's work party was at the casino as usual.  It was a late night driving back, but we had fun while we were there--a great dinner and one mildly successful session at a slot machine, for a change!  Wednesday I did some late night shopping and stayed up super late for a second straight night, this time to wrap gifts for the Portland crew so I could mail them out the next day.  Thursday was my work party in the afternoon, and that evening I stayed up late again to work on getting our Christmas cards out.  Last night was an early night in comparison, but I didn't get a lot of sleep between the two kids and their various wakeups.  Tonight it's back to extra late, thanks to wrapping and much-needed blogging. 

Supposedly it's ice storming a bit outside, but I can't tell if it's just raining or starting to ice.  How that plays out, as well as Carter's overnight, may have an impact on the rest of our day.  I may try to sleep in and hit up later church for a change, since I don't have to get Jacob to Sunday School earlier.  I pretty much have to finish everything tomorrow so we can do our home Christmas on Monday and head out that night.  We have plenty to do on Tuesday, so it would be ideal if we could leave that night.  But things are crazy busy and complicated so it's hard to plan for sure.  But I think we're close!  I'm looking forward to the kids opening their gifts, particularly Carter, though I know he'll like the paper better.  But his two big gifts are perfect for him, so it will be fun.  Jacob will probably be a little hot and cold on his.  He'll love one of them, for sure, but the smaller ones will be interesting.  He may be unexcited by the books, for example, but I think he'll like some of his stocking stuffers.  But he may surprise us! 

Ok, it is time to go to bed now.  Wish me luck over the next couple days, and if nothing else, I'll try to get a Christmas update up here as soon as possible.  Have a wonderful Christmas in the meantime!

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