Monday, September 16, 2013

News & Notes: The I Should Be Packing Edition

We leave for Florida tomorrow afternoon.  I am only partly packed.  Most of the clothes are done, but all of the squirrely little stuff is driving me nuts.  I need to go to bed at a decent time, mostly because both Carter and Jacob have been waking up at ridiculously awful times the past few nights.  Carter has been screaming bloody murder for an hour or so at a time, but I don't know if he's having teething issues, gas, constipation (he hasn't had a good poop in a couple days--wondering if it's the chicken), or that he's just plain cold.  The house has gotten chilly and I only turned on the heat tonight because it's going to be extra cold outside and the house felt too cold for comfort.  Anyway, it's been tough and I'm hoping this phase passes as we arrive in Florida since sleep is probably going to be hard enough to come by.  I am very nervous about this trip, for so many reasons.  But I'm hoping we can enjoy the experience despite the challenges.  It's such a great opportunity and I'm grateful to my in-laws for this...and sad that they can't be there to enjoy it.  Hopefully we can make the most of it!

Despite his recent crankiness, Carter has still been smiley.  I felt like it had been a while since I had taken his picture, so I snapped a few the other night.  Happily, Carter now loves the camera and smiles when he sees it!

Oh, and did I mention that he turned seven months yesterday?!  How is that even possible?

Once he was done with his formal picture (that I barely snapped before he wanted to attack the sign), he folded himself in half and tried to get me...

And I could this cute shot when Daddy walked in the door...

And the aftermath...caught in the act!

Outside, Jacob was practicing his current passion--basketball.  He's actually gotten pretty good, and he was stylin' in the new sneaks Mommy got him on clearance.  I figured he's allowed to have a couple pairs since I didn't spend as much on his school pair as I expected.  He loves them!

In other news...Carter has to start on an inhaler now, much like Jacob had.  It's just to manage his reflux a little better, get rid of the morning cough he has, and maintain his health and comfort through the cold season.  He smiled through the treatment this morning, so hopefully he's OK with it.

While we were at the hospital for Carter's appointment, we stopped upstairs to visit my friend whose two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia.  They've been living at the hospital for over a month now.  They just found out baby #2 is another boy, and so far the big boy's treatments are going well.  It's a rare form, but they're hitting it head-on and hoping for a good bone marrow biopsy next week.  It was half heartbreaking and half inspiring to see the family.  He's doing well, though, so they're in good spirits despite the tough road they're on.  Definitely makes our challenges seem manageable. 

Jacob is doing OK at school.  His teacher knows to contact me with any concerns, and so far he's been fine.  Evenings are a little tough because it's been a long day, but he's hanging in there.  We're definitely still very frustrated with his home behavior, but I think we're definitely seeing certain patterns, even if there's still no way to manage them.  We had a good night tonight, thank goodness, since Craig is on the road for work.  We have a boatload of homework to bring with us on vacation, though!

I guess that's enough for now.  I have some packing to do before I head to bed.  Lots of stuff to gather, and I'll organize it and pack the last minute stuff in the morning.  So much to think about!  Wish us luck :)

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