Sunday, September 22, 2013

Florida - Day 3 - Not Enough Magic in this Kingdom

I know, I know...that's a pretty bummer-ish post title considering we're in the happiest place on earth, but I won't lie--Jacob's behavior has been brutal and it's making it harder and harder to enjoy this trip.  I'm also dreading going home and facing the reality of the Celiac diagnosis, which is making things even harder.  It's just sad that we have this amazing trip, and Jacob is in such a haze of behavior problems that it's hard for anyone to enjoy it.  He's just hitting and kicking a lot, and generally trying to be annoying (no, really, that's his goal).  We were instructed not to change his diet yet, at least not until we talk to the GI specialist, so there's really no end in sight right now.  It's exhausting and it makes me question my ability to be a good parent to a child I can no longer connect with.  Sounds awful, doesn't it?  Imagine living it.  I'll try to focus on the good, though...

Thursday was Magic Kingdom day.  It was apparent upon arrival that the park was going to be very fall-themed, particularly because Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is already going on.  I loved the Christmas décor last time, but the fall stuff has a charm all its own.  

Jacob was really excited to meet Mickey Mouse, so that was our main priority.  Luckily I did my research ahead of time and figured out where he was, and we immediately got a Fast Pass to come back a little while later and meet him.  We wandered around Main Street for a bit...
Baseball guy!

Castle in the distance...

...then ate some lunch at a baseball-themed restaurant where Craig and I ate last time we were here.

After lunch we headed back to meet Mickey!  The picture turned out a little funny because I made a bit of a face when the woman was having issues with the camera.  Jacob's also looking elsewhere.  Hoping their picture came out better, but haven't taken the time to look.

We worked our way back out into the park.  The castle had an extra appendage, as I think they're hanging the Christmas lights already!

The boys went on a Toy Story shooting ride (yes, another one) in Tomorrowland, and then we headed over to Space Mountain so I could finally ride it after all these years.  My first ever coaster was Big Thunder Mountain when I was here when I was nine, and I was obviously not ready for Space Mountain on that trip.  So I didn't ride it then, and I was pregnant last time so I skipped it.  My time finally came!  It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I got to do it, in all of its 70s space kitsch glory!

We wandered into Fantasyland, and I knew I'd have no takers for the teacups...but I was hopeful for Dumbo.  Craig is not a ride person at all, but Jacob will do select ones.  I figured Dumbo had a shot, and sure enough, he was willing!  The ride has been doubled and totally re-themed in the past few years.  It is a cool circus theme and even the line has an awesome play area to stop off at.  Since Daddy and Carter were waiting for us, we had to skip it, but the ride ended up being a hit!

The rest of the redone Fantasyland was beautiful, and the Seven Dwarves-themed mine ride under construction looks awesome.  Unfortunately, the Little Mermaid ride had a long wait and the heat of the day was getting to us.  Craig wanted to make sure we got to Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jacob's behavior was getting brutal, so we opted for some unconventional parenting scare tactics--by taking him to the Haunted Mansion and trying to scare him straight!  He seemed a little scared when we were there, but in the end he said he liked it.  Oh, well.

After that we went to Pirates of the Caribbean.  The big drop in the dark scared him a bit, but otherwise he seemed to like it.  He also got his first big souvenir, a pirate chest with a hook (against our better judgment), 12 pieces of gold with a pouch, a pirate hat, and a treasure map. 

After dinner, I  used my Big Thunder Mountain Fast Pass to my advantage.  I was very excited to ride it because it was the first coaster I ever rode and it felt great to come full circle!  And you know, I loved it just as much 26 years later!  It's a fun ride and the theming is great. 

It was getting late and Carter had to eat, so we took a break and caught the Main Street Electrical Parade in passing.  Then we headed toward the front of the park for the nightly show.  They project images on the castle, play music, and top it all of with fireworks.  It was lovely, though staying for  it means battling our way out of the park with everyone else.   

On the way out I snapped a couple pictures of the Halloween décor...

...and we headed off to catch the bus back to our resort.  The busing has been fine for the most part, but it can be a bit of a process and a little cramped when coming back at park closing times.  We've made it work, though!  It was definitely a long day, particularly with Jacob's many moments, but we had a lot of fun!

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