Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Wow, it's been over a week between posts. I'm not sure I've ever gone that long. Sorry about that. I guess life is just sort of odd these days. The last month has been busy, getting the house ready to go on the market while simultaneously getting ready for the holidays. The house finally went up on Sunday, and boy, was that a weird feeling. I woke up to see the "For Sale" sign on the front lawn, and immediately went to the computer to see if the listing was online yet. Sure enough, there it was. Very strange to see your own house in photos online, after spending so much time looking at everyone else's. We still don't have a house to buy yet, so there's definitely an odd balancing act right now. We were supposed to have a showing for our house tomorrow, but that one got cancelled for some reason. We'll see if they try again another day. We're hoping to see a few more this week ourselves, but I'm not confident any of them are keepers, for one reason or another. We still do like the original one that started this process, and it is still on the market (good news, bad news...it's a nice backup for us, but the fact it's sat there this long makes me extra nervous about resale next time around if we were the ones selling it), but there are a couple things that are holding us back at the moment. But still, if ours sells quick and we're stuck, it would be a workable option. The house is in amazing shape compared to some that we've looked at, and it's just a matter of its odd location (nice neighborhood, but sorta behind a Wal-Mart...but the house is about as far from the Wal-Mart as it can be. You can't see it from the house.) and that there's a homeowner's association in the neighborhood. They take care of trash and the fee is only about $13 more a month than we already pay, so it's not horrible, but it's annoying. My only other concern about the house is that I really wanted one bonus room--be it a family room, a loft, or a fourth bedroom--primarily for the computer, spare bed, etc. There's a beautiful finished basement, but that's risky when it comes to computer equipment in the event of any sort of flooding. But still...considering the other houses we looked at, that one is still looking great.

So, in the midst of all of this, I suppose Jacob as the center of my universe has had a little competition...hence the lack of posting lately. Not that he's been dethroned by any means, but I guess I just haven't been as intentional about pulling out the camera or pondering every little detail about him. We also haven't had any particularly fun or exciting outings lately. However, we have still been enjoying him immensely these days. He says a new word periodically (yesterday it was "Elmo"--more on that later) and is quite playful nowadays. He's walking around like a champ now, but now that he's got the basics down, he's trying to up his speed a bit and that's causing some extra falls once again. He's definitely got a stubborn streak, particularly now that he can get where he wants when he wants. He frequently pulls the "jello" trick when I'm holding his hand and trying to pull him somewhere...he just goes limp and falls to the ground. That's not to be confused with the "stiff as a board" trick where he completely stiffens up when I'm trying to get him to do something, making him infinitely harder to move. But most of the time he's your typical little boy, full of energy and curiosity. Even in the midst of another cold (the dreaded cough is back...hopefully not for long, but we'll see), he's been pretty happy.

I mentioned here before that getting our house ready to sell in the midst of the holidays was a challenge. I love Christmas decorations, and having to edit them this year was hard. There were so many things that I wanted to put out but just didn't have a place for. I was trying to keep things basic, generic, and neat, and something as fun as our full setup of A Charlie Brown Christmas in plastic figurines just didn't quite fall within those parameters. There were many things that Jacob would probably enjoy, and it killed me to have to put them away until next year. Of course, there were a number of things that were probably too fragile to have out this year since Jacob wants to touch everything. I made sure to keep breakable ornaments higher up on the tree and we're definitely walking a fine line between "gentle" and "no touch" when it comes to the tree itself. I'd like him to be able to touch it and get it out of his system, but he can be unpredictable so there's always the risk he'll pull just a little too hard on something. We're playing it by ear for now. I did keep out a stuffed version of Snoopy's decorated doghouse that plays music, and Jacob absolutely loves it. Now that he knows how to turn it on, he plays it over and over. He's also partial to a plastic ball ornament (anything round!) and an old McDonald's ornament from when they used to do them for a Disney movie each year. It's Dodger, a dog from the movie Oliver & Company. I figured he'd like it, and since it's stuffed, it's completely Jacob-proof. Consequently, it's probably been on the living room floor more than it's been on the tree. I have a whole collection of those ornaments stashed away somewhere. He'd probably love them!

As far as his newest word goes, it is indeed "Elmo". I've always said that I would do everything in my power to keep my child away from Elmo. Sesame Street has so many other cool characters and Elmo is, in my opinion, quite annoying and a giant marketing machine. However, kids seem to relate to him. Darn. Well, Jacob got into Elmo thanks to those lovely "Elmo Live" dolls in the stores. Two weekends ago we were watching the Bills game with some friends, and their kid's Elmo Live doll was laying in the living room. They told us to take it. Their kid hardly played with it and he'd never miss it, particularly with the upcoming influx of Christmas gifts. At first we thought they were kidding, but then they started bagging him up as we were leaving. Holy cow. It was super nice of them and it's at least a $50 savings for us, since we were pondering getting it for Jacob for Christmas, as much as it would have pained me. I don't think Jacob gets the humor of it yet, but it's pretty darn impressive to have a moving, talking Muppet hanging out in your living room. I think he's enjoying it. He picks him up and walks around with him a lot, which is interesting since Elmo isn't particularly light, and he also hugs him once in a while, which is adorable. Elmo Live did teach Jacob how to blow kisses, so I guess I can gladly welcome him into our home. One of these days I guess I'll have to get some video.

Well, I guess that's my update for now. Hopefully more soon!

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