Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jacob's New Friend

As I mentioned a week or two ago, friends of ours gave us their Elmo Live! because Jacob is obsessed with it. Or at least, he loved the ones he saw in stores and blew kisses just like Elmo the second he heard the sample saying that Elmo said. The moment he heard "Elmo loves you. Mmm-hmm, kiss kiss!" and Elmo started blowing kisses, so did Jacob. We were tempted to spend the big bucks and buy it for him for Christmas, but then our friends didn't want it and knew their son wouldn't miss it. So, Elmo now lives with us. Jacob still blows kisses. He also picks up Elmo and carries him around, which is no small feat because Elmo isn't light. All that technology gets heavy! He also hugs him sometimes, which is absolutely adorable.

Anyway, the other day when I was trying to get the perfect Christmas card shot, I caught this video of Jacob and Elmo. It's dark because of the mood lighting I was playing around with, but you get the idea...

Seriously, how cute is that? As annoying as Elmo can be, I can't help but smile every time that happens. That's probably more due to the one on the left of the screen, but whatever :)

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