Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend, Interrupted

Heading into this weekend I was looking forward to a pretty low-key weekend.  I had Friday off, as it was one of my two "Summer Fridays" at work, where we get a Friday off without having to take a vacation day.  We started the day with yet another daycare tour, and after that I was going to spend the day shopping, mostly to use up some "free money" I had at a couple stores.  Beyond that, our only firm plan was to go to a baseball game.  We were looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.  I knew in the back of my mind that there was a slight chance we'd end up in Buffalo since Craig's dad's birthday is this week and it was a toss-up which weekend we'd celebrate it. 

The daycare tour on Friday was fine.  Craig was on the road for work so it was just me and the kids.  We'd been to this place before, when Jacob was in utero, and we really liked it.  We were a little nervous about the cost at the time and they ended up not having an infant opening when we needed it,  so we had to go another route.  We assumed it would be out of our price range when our first daycare closed, so for some reason we never checked it out again even though a couple of Jacob's little friends ended up there.  I had forgotten about it when this daycare thing initially blew up, but remembered a couple weeks in and sent a message inquiring about their rates and availability.  They were booked for the summer, but the price was exactly the same as we currently pay.  I decided it was worth a tour while I had time, so off we went.  The room Carter would be in is a little smaller than I'd like, but it's fine and I like the center as a whole.  Carter seemed to warm up the longer we were there, but Jacob was really reserved.  He gave a million excuses about why he didn't like it, but ultimately I think he'd be fine.  They'd even cater to his dietary needs.  The main issue right now is that they don't have a spot for Jacob, which is only a problem for a handful of days during the school year, as well as a good chunk of Christmas break.  Some days we're already off, and two of his big breaks he can go to the school district programs.  If any of the people that are signed up for the school age program don't utilize it, there would be spots for him, but it's not a sure thing.  So...I still feel pretty stuck.  I still think it's the best option at this point, but it's a tough call.

I dropped the kids at daycare after the tour to give myself a little pre-birthday "me day".  I ran to Walmart for a couple quick things and ended up browsing the clothing clearance racks, mostly because I'm in the market for a new white cami, among other things.  I ended up finding a cute embellished tank for $3 and a cute cotton t-shirt dress for $5.  Unexpected but fun!  I moved on to Kohl's where I had $20 to spend ($10 for my birthday, $10 because they're renovating the store), and after a ton of clearance rack shopping (and forcing myself to look at regular clothes, too), I got a simple but cute dress for work and a cute sleeveless shell top for less than $10 total.  I had to meet my cousin Lori at Moe's down the road at the mall for lunch (free birthday burrito, yay!), so I headed there next and had a nice lunch with her.  After that I worked my way down to the far end of the mall and worked my way back, stopping at a few stores (including one for Jacob--no luck) and focusing on JCPenney, where I had a $5 freebie as well as a $10 off $25 coupon.  I ended up finding a couple items--yoga pants and a black skort (I know--fashion faux pas--but it looks like a skirt and has shorts underneath, which is super practical as a mom who has to bend and crouch.  I have a very similar beige one that I wear all the time)--but I discovered the coupons couldn't be used together so I ended up just getting the skort for $10.  Five items for less than $30, not bad.  I tried my favorite consignment place, too, but no luck.  I had a decent night with the boys, including making Jacob's night with French toast and breakfast sausage, which is something I haven't done often.  Craig got home very late that night.

Saturday morning Craig told me that he found out that his mom's terminally ill sister was going to be in Buffalo and there was a bit of a birthday celebration (his aunt's, and as it turns out, mine), so we did a major change in plans and packed up within a couple hours to get there around dinner time.  Initially I mourned the loss of our night baseball game and quiet weekend, but I hadn't seen his family in a while and I knew the kids would enjoy the time with their cousins.  We had a fun night, and I had some good girl talk with my sister-in-law while enjoying some "Not Your Father's Root Beer", which has been the big thing on social media lately.  It worked well for me and my challenged taste buds since it had a good spice to it.  Yum.  I put Carter down to bed a little late, but he fell asleep quickly.  We let Jacob stay up quite late with his cousins, but it turned into a very long night.  He was wired after a couple helpings of gluten-free cake, and he had a couple rounds of nausea (which happens more than I'd like--but thankfully it rarely turns into anything) at bedtime, and then he was constantly talking about waking up at 3am to play some game with his cousins.  Ummmm, no.  Long story short, he slept in the bathroom but didn't seem to fall asleep until sometime before 2am.  UGH.  Then he woke up shortly after 7am, excited to play with his cousins who slept over.  Double UGH. 

We left pretty early so we could get back to Rochester for the 1:30 baseball game (our backup plan), and I hoped Jacob would nap.  Alas, he did not, but Carter did.  Cue a rough afternoon.  Jacob didn't want to go to the game, even though he was the one that was saying how much he likes afternoon games over evening games.  He whined about a bunch of stuff (wanting ice cream, wanting to go home), and was eventually demanding a wipe to clean off "germs" from Carter, who may have touched him at some point.  It may seem like a stupid sticking point, but I refused because I don't want to validate to him that his brother is, in fact, germy.  He's never wanted to touch him, and I think it's time to stop that stupidity.  He had a mini-meltdown and I was rather unhappy, too, but we gutted out the last couple innings because Carter wanted to run the bases postgame.  Again, Jacob was unhappy with that decision, too.  Stupid sleep deprivation.  Time at home wasn't much better, so we had an early bedtime night and he was out almost instantly. 

Here are a few shots from the game:

Carter diligently opening and closing the windows of the playhouse in the kids zone...he loves it in there!

Carter started out eating his hot dog like a big boy, but gave up on the bun a couple bites in!

It was a gorgeous day!  We were totally comfortable in the shade!

An attempt at all three guys, but Jacob has ice in his teeth and Carter constantly looks away after he says cheese!

Craig is high-fiving Spikes the mascot as he runs by holding Carter, who refused to run near Spikes on his own.  He was fine with getting down once they passed him by!

Hard to see, but Craig is in the red shirt and khaki shorts to the left of center, and Carter has a blue shirt and khaki shorts, just to the right of center.  Carter took a detour from home plate and tried running again!
Jacob refused to run today.  He all but admitted he was annoyed that Craig had to run with Carter instead of him, even though he's old enough to run alone and Carter clearly needs the guidance.  He did crack a smile with the Spikes incident and laughed with the end chase, so at least he wasn't all miserable!

The weekend wasn't what we planned, but aside from a couple Jacob issues, it wasn't a bad pre-birthday weekend.  Not as restful, but some good family times nonetheless.  Bring it on, 37...

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