Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random Thought

Random thought of the day...

What's the point of wearing a velour tracksuit if you have to wear a thong with it? I mean, the whole purpose of the velour tracksuit is to relax and be comfortable, right? But honestly, if you wear regular, comfy undies with it, you'll get awful panty lines. I'm sure there are comfy thongs out there somewhere, but "thong" and "relax" just aren't two words I normally put together. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. But it seems to me to be roughly the equivalent of if you had to wear granny panties with a sexy dress. They're just the polar opposite of what you look like on the outside. Again...maybe it's just me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Timing is everything...

I've decided in going through this process that pregnancy is all about timing. From how you have to make a baby to choosing when to share the news, timing is everything. Throughout a pregnancy there are deadlines...or I guess more like targets...when to have the first ultrasound, when to test for problems, when to start seeing the doctor more frequently. Timing is extra important near the end of this process, with each extra day in the womb giving a baby a better chance at a healthy life...and yet too much time in the womb during delivery causes problems, hence emergency C-sections. It's all pretty mind-boggling. And I won't even get into the timing involved with creating a this day it amazes me that so many couples have trouble conceiving, yet thousands of women (or girls...hey Jamie Lynn Spears!) have the unfortunate luck of having sex at the precise moment that's going to change their lives forever.

So far the craziest thing for me has been the timing of sharing our news with people. As I mentioned previously, we initially didn't tell people because we were a little afraid of a miscarriage early on, and the thought of going back and telling people the bad news was horrifying. Now that more people know, even though we're technically coming out of the high-risk first trimester, that fear is still there. However, the further along things get, the harder it is to keep things under wraps. The first person we told was my cousin Lori, within the first week. She knew pretty much every step of the process, so I couldn't really lie to her! And having a confidante is always helpful. But beyond that, timing really turned a lot of things upside-down. While most people tell their parents very early, there were a couple issues that prevented that in our case. First and foremost was distance. Had we known how far along we were, we probably would have told our parents on thanksgiving. However, once we did know, we had a week in Florida and a busy week before Christmas that prevented us from telling them face-to-face...and really, shouldn't it be done face-to-face? We also didn't want them too worry. Now, they're parents, and of course they'll worry. I'm my father's daughter, after all! But with the trip and everything, it just seemed easier to keep everyone in the dark for a little longer. I had two people (Craig and Lori) lecturing me about avoiding the fun rides at Disney...that was enough :) So, as much as it killed us to keep quiet, I think it turned out ok in the made Christmas extra special. And since the face-to-face thing seemed important, it just so happened that the rest of our families found out shortly after each set of parents. But judging by their eagerness for us to tell anyone, I'm not sure how they would have done with the secret long-term anyway! ;-)

It seems like we've had to tell people a bit out of order, though, which has seemed really odd. I mean, Craig told a few people at work before Christmas, but it was mainly to explain why he didn't want to go on an impromptu roadtrip. However, I haven't told my co-workers yet...hopefully next Wednesday, at least for my bosses. I told a couple friends fairly early on, but only because I knew it was the only time I'd see either of them in person for a while. But my two best friends from college don't know yet, and I'm torn about telling them. I'd really like to do it in person because the phone is just awkward, but it may be the end of January before I can do it, and that seems like a long time to keep a big secret. I'm the first of us three to go through this (the one just got engaged a day or two before I found out I was pregnant), so it's new territory. Ugh. My brain gets tired just thinking about I think that's enough for today...

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Basics...

I figured I should get some answers to some common questions out of the way with this post. So here goes...

The baby's due date is June 30, 2008. It's two days after our 5th anniversary and a few days before my cousin's baby's first birthday, so hopefully we can work around those dates and the 4th of July. The date would work out nicely though, because it'll fall right in line with our niece and nephews' birthdays. Follow the pattern: Late May...Mid June...________...Mid July...and what would fill in the blank nicely? Yup, late June. So we'll keep our fingers crossed. Craig's poor parents have so many birthdays to deal with already, so what's one more?

We don't know what the baby is yet, and my goal is to not find out. Craig wants to know, but having one of us know and one of us not seems like a recipe for disaster, so I'm hoping to win that battle, at least for baby #1. Any subsequent pregnancies I'll probably be up for knowing, though maybe we just won't tell anyone else! ;-)

We've known about the baby since mid-November. We had been pondering trying since the summer, but my body didn't appear to be cooperating so we didn't really get to officially "try" too much. In mid-October I went to the doctor to make sure things were ok, and they were, but despite a negative pregnancy test at that time, it appears I was probably freshly pregnant at that point. However, we were clueless until mid-November. My body still didn't appear to be cooperating so I was going to call the doctor again, but I wanted to take a pregnancy test before I did so I could confidently answer, "No," when they asked, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Imagine my surprise when it came back positive! Of course, based on the negative pregnancy test in mid-October (and using some other circumstantial evidence), we had pinpointed the end of October as the approximate time of conception. As such we didn't tell anyone at Thanksgiving because we thought it was a little early (this being the first time through, caution seemed wise). However, in early December we found out we were further along than we thought. The only problem was that we were going to Florida for a week and we wouldn't have a chance to see anyone in person until Christmas. So, as much as it killed us, we kept quiet for a couple more weeks, I endured life without thrill rides during a week at Disney, and we finally spilled the beans at Christmas. Ahhhhh.

Things have been fairly smooth so far. No actual morning sickness, but I started out really tired, had a month of the blahs (borderline nausea), and now I'm back to being tired. All things considered I know I'm lucky. Now we're just praying for a nice, normal final six months...and a healthy baby beyond that, of course. I'm not showing yet or anything, though I can't seem to suck in my stomach much anymore...not sure if that's got anything to do with the baby or just that I've been a little lax with the workouts and diet lately. But eh, it's the holidays...everyone puts on weight, so I fit right in!

Well, I think that's it for now...stay tuned for some random musings about life as a pregnant chick...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


So...if you're here, you already know that Craig and I are expecting a baby! I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to do this, but reading two other blogs from pregnant women for the past few months may have something to do with it (I wasn't looking for pregnant blogs, I swear. I was looking for an update on an editor for Glamour magazine who's had cancer for a few years and I found her blog. Thankfully, she's doing better and the blog focused more on her pregnancy than anything...and that linked to another Glamour contributor who'd been "Storked!" (aka, knocked up)...pregnant or not, they were both interesting reading). If I actually get up the guts to send this link out to people, it'll be a nice way to keep my out-of-town family and friends updated...and if not, it'll be an interesting diary of this experience, assuming I keep it up :)

While I'll do my best to figure out how to post pictures and all that fun stuff (once I have something to show), if nothing else there might be some random thoughts on here for a while. I'll try to keep any gross physical descriptions and particularly uncomfortable topics to a minimum, but no guarantees. After all, when hormones take over, I can make no promises! :)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll post something interesting here once in a while!