Thursday, July 27, 2017

News and Notes, Dry Mouth Edition

So, it's been a weird week.  I've finally started taking the prednisone that I was prescribed as yet another last-ditch effort to work on my smell/taste issues.  Instead of the rage I've had in the past, this time I've picked up half a dozen other symptoms, like a foggy brain, horrible dry mouth, desensitized taste buds (who knew it could get worse?), sleep issues, weird dreams, and even less motivation than usual.  I'm also hungrier than usual, which is annoying when I'm trying to not gain weight.  And of course, no surprise--no change in the issue that we're trying to fix.  I'm at my max dose for allergy shots and now get to start going less often, and despite a couple nose sprays and now the prednisone, nothing is really changing.  My nose is still a little stuffy but I suppose compared to some people I'm doing pretty well this time of year...but ragweed season is coming.  So, not sure what's next, but this ain't it.

Last week Craig's great uncle passed away.  We had to spend a day in Buffalo for the funeral.  Jacob stayed with us since his cousins were going to be there, but we let Carter have a day with Grandma and Grandpa, because it would have been too long of a day for his energy level.  He did well, and even got to try out Jacob's old golf clubs!  And, before we left, he got a quick ride in Grandpa's car!

Last weekend Jacob played in a fun weekend event with some of his lacrosse buddies.  It's an annual event that is in memory of a player who was with FCA and died suddenly a few years back.  A few years' worth of players break up into teams and have a little tournament.  In between, they do a quick fiddlestick tournament (no equipment), have lunch and a little celebration of life ceremony, and then wrap up the main tournament.  Carter and I came for the second half and I took a couple pictures...
Fiddlestick tournament

Jacob taking a faceoff (on the right)!

Getting scrappy (still on the right)!
In the end, after some hard-fought battles, his team took the win in a shootout!  It was a fun little event and it was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people.

What else is new....?  Craig's phone took a swim, so he had to get a new one.  His old one, which Jacob was hoping to get, has not yet been resuscitated.  So we've been arguing with him a bit about that situation.  He still doesn't have the Bluetooth speaker he wanted for his birthday because we couldn't agree on a good one, and now he's insisting he wants Bluetooth headphones, misguidedly thinking that he can run around with them in while he plays lacrosse.  Not really.  We're at a bit of an impasse there. 

I am debating heavily about buying a new computer.  One of the ones I've been eyeing up for months is on sale this week, about $100 less than I've seen it elsewhere, but then I debate on which processor to get, and whether it's the right one for me, or what.  It's making me crazy, as big purchases always do.  My screen is permanently tinted pink, the buttons are sometimes screwy, and because I have a tiny one there are limitations with the screen size.  I love my little one for a lot of stuff, but the screen is annoying sometimes.  It also gets really slow at times.  But is it worth it?  Ugh.

Last Saturday Craig and I attacked some yard work, and I finally finished digging out the tree stump in our yard.  Craig hacked up the bushes that are too tall for me to trim, and I took a shovel all around and under the stump.  It wasn't deep but I did have to saw off a large side root.  I dumped some dirt in the hole and finally got some seed the other night to grow some grass there.  It felt pretty cool to pull the whole stump out myself, and I topped it off by trimming up the rest of the bushes in the yard.  Exhausting, but at least it's done.  Too bad it never stays done!

We have a few busy weekends ahead.  This weekend is Jacob's lacrosse tryouts and a family reunion at the beach.  Next weekend is another family reunion on my side, and after that we have our nephew's birthday, Jacob's party the weekend after that (finally), and Craig has something going on the weekend after that...and then it's Labor Day.  So that pretty much finishes out the rest of the summer.  We have a couple things to schedule somewhere in there still, like a trip to Seabreeze, the amusement park near us, but we're definitely already on the downswing of summer, which is a bit of a bummer.  It always goes so fast!  Hopefully we can cram a little more in before ::gasp:: school starts!

Sorry, I know this wasn't the most riveting update, but if I don't do it now, I won't remember what I forgot :)

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