Saturday, July 11, 2015

Savoring Summer

We always get to this point in the summer where I panic a little bit about whether or not we're really going to make the most of summer.  Things get busy, the schedule fills up, and suddenly our summer rules us.  We don't get to do the fun things we want to, and suddenly it's over.  This year the weather has been challenging.  It hasn't stayed warm and sunny for long enough to get the pool warm, and outside events have always been hit or miss.  So now that we've gotten a few nice days, we've been doing what we can!

We've been able to get in the pool a lot since last weekend, which has been nice.  I've only been in a few times, but the boys have been loving it!  We blew up a boat we bought for Jacob when we first got our pool, and let Carter try it out.  He's weird about baths so we were worried about the pool, but he's been great!  He likes to race his brother and kick his legs in his boat.  Jacob's specialty is squirting people with the various squirt gun-type devices around the pool.  He still wears a floaty, but hopefully we'll figure out ways to get him closer to swimming on his own. 
Happy boys in the pool!
We had a big plan all week to take the boys to the drive-in to see Minions, and luckily, the weather cooperated.  We headed out around dinner time and made a pit stop at Jacob's favorite gluten-free restaurant for pizza and some cookies to go.  It's always so nice going there and not worrying about cross-contamination or finding something he likes on the menu.  We continued on south to the Silver Lake Twin Drive-In, down in Perry, which is beyond my beloved Geneseo.  It's our favorite drive-in, but it's nearly an hour from home and isn't always the most convenient.  We hadn't been there in years, mostly because drive-ins equal late nights and late nights equal crazy kids.  We hadn't attempted it since Jacob was maybe three or four, but we figured this movie was a good opportunity to try again.  We've been watching a lot of Despicable Me (on the DVR) and Despicable Me 2 (rented a couple times), so this was a perfect fit.

We opted to go all the way to Perry because I was nervous it might sell out at the closer drive-in and I didn't want to have to get there super early and then have to kill time with two kids.  Silver Lake was preferable because they have lots of ways to kill time--mini golf, arcade, bounce houses, and food!  Nowadays the food isn't really as much of an option, though I think we could still make the ice cream work!  Mini golf was jammed, but we tried it out anyway!
Ready to play!
The course is fun and western themed.  The golf was a little on the difficult side.  Carter was all over the place, the waiting at each hole was challenging, and just corralling two kids amidst all the people was challenging.  We still managed to have some fun, though!
Hard to see, but there's water flowing out of the tower into the barrel.  Cute stuff :)

I managed to catch Carter not moving for a couple seconds!

They had the stocks on the course, and what kind of parent would I be if I didn't take a picture of my child in it?

We used one of our periods of waiting for the group ahead of us to finish to take a picture on a bridge...with mixed success!

It's such a pretty course!  At least I spared you my pictures of flowers along the way!
When we were done, we started making our way back to the car.  Along the way Carter stopped by to visit this horse statue that he liked...

Back at the car, we settled in for the movie.  Carter got changed into his PJs and the snacks came out.  Jacob took over the back seat and Carter decided to stay up front with us. 
Gorgeous night!

Everyone is settled in!
Carter wanted to sit on Daddy's lap, which was interesting since he managed to honk the horn and turn on some lights before the movie even started, but he did settle in...

Eventually he switched to my lap since he was making Craig warm, and we all enjoyed the movie.  It was interesting, for sure, since the minions don't speak English, exactly, and the whole movie was about them, but it was cute and tied back into the other movies at the end.  It was a fun night, for sure, but a late one!  We left a little before 11pm, and while Jacob fell asleep pretty quickly, it took Carter a little longer.  We got home just before midnight and the boys went right down.  I took a little longer...which wouldn't have mattered if Jacob wasn't up at 6:30am with a stomachache.  I sat up with him for a half hour, and he seemed to be doing better after that.  I never did go back to sleep, but I did go back to bed!  We had a slow morning before getting ourselves off to Jacob's baseball game at noon, particularly since Jacob seemed to have a recurrence of his nausea from earlier in the morning right before we left. 

Carter was a little loopy while we were there, but the weather was gorgeous again and Jacob got a game ball :)
Love that smile!

He's getting to be such a big boy!
We came home for Carter's nap (he got a head start on the way home) and the rest of us had some lunch and some pool time.  It was glorious to lay in the sun on a raft and rest a little.  Of course, right after that I got out and cleared out some branches from our way-back yard, neatened up that area with the weed whacker, trimmed some more branches, and hacked a bush all the way down to a stump with a couple spots of new growth.  I'm hoping it will make a comeback in a more controlled form, but if not, I will gladly replace it next year.  It just needed to go because it had overgrown its spot, and because it was so low to the ground, it had lots of grass and other weeds growing under it that I could never clear out.  The stump isn't ideal, but it's a starting point for a better bush.  We had a quiet night with a little more yard work for me and some sports for the boys.  Not a bad couple days! 

Tomorrow Craig and Jacob are heading up to Canada for a couple days for some lacrosse stuff.  Next week at this time I'll be packing up my final items for my work conference trip.  The weekend after that is full of parties, and before you know it, July will be over!  Yikes!  Well, at least we got one more good summer weekend in, right?

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