Sunday, August 24, 2014


This summer we've had an endless streak of events on weekends that started pretty much back in June and will go right through Labor Day.  It's been fun and crazy, but it's winding down.  This weekend we had Craig's family picnic.  It took a year off last year, but was back this year and Jacob was excited.  The big event at this picnic has always been the softball game.  In recent years it's been more of a free-for-all baseball-ish game for all ages, but he enjoys it.  And he's finally old enough to really play! 

Before we could get to the game, we had to do the picnic part...hang out, eat food, and find ways to keep the kids occupied.  The park it's in has plenty of areas to wander, and Jacob kept himself occupied by playing a lot of wall ball--throwing the ball off the wall and trying to catch it.  Carter liked watching Jacob, but he also kept trying to join other parties and wander into the parking lot.  UGH.  He's a very determined little boy!  This picnic always seems to take forever to get to the food, and finally we did.  By that point Craig had been gone for a while to take care of an event for work (good thing he was already in Buffalo!) and made it back shortly after the meal, just as the game was getting organized. 

True to form, Jacob was a little annoyed about the loosey-goosey rules of the game, and that it only ended up being three innings, but he had fun nonetheless.  He played catcher when he was in the field and did pretty well hitting. 

In the meantime, Carter was having a blast making a new friend, one of his distant cousins.  Cousin Teddy is headed to college and is--get this--6'7" tall!  He loves kids, and Carter loved it when he picked him up and held him over his head!  God knows it's rare I get up that high, let alone Carter!  The giggles were so great!

Here's an assortment of pictures from the day...
It's rare to get a picture of the two of them together, so when they were just sort of accidentally sitting together, I had to take my shot...

He was sort of doing "cheese" in this picture, and I couldn't resist!

Gosh, he's handsome!

Jacob gets a hit! (and Daddy's playing third!)

Carter liked the game but he was also enjoying the equipment!

Had to get a picture of my boys in their Polska shirts, but Carter wasn't being very cooperative by then!
The end of the game marked the end of the picnic as we had to head back to Craig's parents' house to spend the evening with some friends of theirs who were in from out of town.  We had a late-ish night but Jacob played nicely with his cousins in the pool and Carter charmed everyone as usual.  Today we all slept in a bit and then headed out to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls to hit up the Nike store, among other stores (found a great pair of sneaks for Carter with Aunt Kristin's employee discount and some pants  for Jacob at The Children's Place).  Of course, the rest of Western New York and Southern Ontario was there, as well, and with a ton of construction there was nearly no parking.  Still, we survived and got on the road to finish off the weekend at home this evening. 
It's sort of a weird start to the week already.  I have piles of work waiting for me tomorrow, and while I don't really want to finish the weekend, I do want to get back to chipping away at the mountain.  At the same time, I know it's only for a day and a half, as I'm off Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for a special date night with Craig, so at least I know I have a little reprieve--though the resulting stress at work may not be worth it, but I am NOT giving up this date that I've been planning for months!  Next weekend is my birthday, which I was hoping to spend as a quiet weekend at home (finally), but doesn't appear that will be the case.  It's also Craig's dad's birthday weekend and I'm assuming there will be something for that, and my parents are throwing a picnic.  I've also been desperate to get back to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo (haven't been since college) because some of their best known works are back for a bit after a traveling exhibition.  I know some of them are ones I remember from many a field trip in my youth, and I'd like to see those old favorites before they go back on the road.  So my goal if I'm giving up my weekend at home is to sneak away for a few hours to go enjoy some art.  We'll see how that goes.  Oh, and we have to do some school shopping this week, too, so it looks like there won't be any dull moments for a bit yet.  Yay for summer!

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