Friday, September 2, 2016

An Artsy Adventure

On Tuesday I worked from home so I could stay with Jacob, whose camp ended on Monday and is now child-care-free until school starts next Wednesday.  I took Tuesday, Craig took Wednesday, my parents are hanging out with him yesterday, Craig took him to work today (it's a short day), and we'll probably split Tuesday.  Back to this past Tuesday evening, Jacob had a chance to go to a lacrosse thing downtown, and Craig was busy, so it meant that Carter and I had an hour to kill.  I decided that we were going to visit the sculpture garden at the Memorial Art Gallery, which was just a quick drive away.  I have been there before, most notably when I had time to kill after a wedding a couple years ago, and then briefly when I actually visited the museum during my time off work (because that day it was too cold to look at much of anything outside!).  Given that Carter just loves to run, I figured the outdoor space would be perfect for him.  He could run and explore to his heart's content, and I could enjoy the view, as well.

Carter's favorite area revolved around characters like this, but in larger, stone form...
Doesn't this one look so sweet looking up at me?

There were a lot of stone pieces like these, as well as pieces that look like molds for them.

Carter loved climbing in the molds!

"Take my picture, Mommy!"  He's sitting on an arm...

Terrible angle for me, but had to do the selfie after he asked me to sit in the indentation next to him!
Eventually we moved on to another area...
He loved running through this one and hiding from me on the other side!

This one is part of a larger group called "Unicorn Family".  It has a few chairs, a table, and a large lamp that lights at night. 

This is the view from afar...a little phallic, but fun.

I took a picture of this one last time I was there, but I made sure to get a different angle this time, and I loved how it almost disappeared into the sky.
We moved along the front of the gallery into an area I hadn't explored previously.  There was a walkway with a dense canopy of trees, and I couldn't resist getting Carter running ahead of me (again)...

There was a little mini garden tucked up against the buildings with a few very different sculptures grouped together.
Carter liked banging on these metal cubes because they made "music".

These penguins seem like they would be better off in a zoo somewhere, but look closely and you'll see Carter hiding behind one.  "Look, Mommy, I'm a penguin!"  And later we were penguins together!

Here's the other end of that walkway...I sort of love this picture for its simplicity.
I was intrigued by this horse, because I saw a very similar looking one in Vermont on my work trip last year.  I went so far as to look up the artists to compare, but nope, it appears wood branches just make good horses.

I'd never gone right up to the front of the older part of the gallery, and this entryway was just beautiful!

After Carter spent a while throwing pinecones near the front of the building, we finally wound around the back.  He was fascinated by this one and spent a lot of time throwing sticks through the hole.  Not ideal, but hey, it kept him occupied.  But eventually I had to drag him away because it was almost time to go!

One more stop on our way back before getting a couple more minutes in with the big cement people again.  The metal sculpture is such a contrast to the classic building in the background.

Carter was not happy about leaving, but I didn't want to be late to pick up Jacob because he was in the middle of a city and the last thing I need is for something like that to be another strike against me in his book.  But it was a fun little diversion for an hour and hopefully I can take each of the kids back there (separately) sometime.  I have free admission thanks to my job, and Carter is free, too.  I need them to be on their best behavior, but a little art appreciation is never a bad thing!   I don't know if Carter really appreciated the art itself, but I loved watching him discover each piece in his own way.  This age is so great for stuff like that!

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