Thursday, June 22, 2017

News and Notes, Last Day of School Edition

After a couple specifically timed posts, I figured I should rewind and cover a few things we missed. 

Last weekend was Father's Day.  It was also our only free weekend before three straight busy weekends out of town, so we wanted to make the most of it.  I fit in a run and some yard work, and Craig got the pool mostly up and running--not completely clear but enough for the kids to swim in.  He bought a giant inflatable crocodile with a squirt gun that he correctly guessed would get our little water-phobe Carter into the pool.  He loved it!

I put down some ant traps to deal with an increasingly difficult ant issue around our patio and watched them feast on the bait, then turned my attention to a tree in the yard.  It used to bloom pink in the spring, but over the past couple years it's gotten sicker and sicker, to the point of only having a couple blossoms and some dead branches this year.  It had also been staked wrong once upon a time, so it was very crooked.  Between the crookedness and the disease, it was pretty ugly, so it was time to take it down.  I pulled a bow saw out of the garage and went at it, despite the fact it was about 90 degrees.  This was the end result...

We still need to either dig out the stump or cut it down, but that will wait for another day when it's not 90 degrees. 

We went out to dinner at Red Robin for Jacob's birthday, and after that he started feeling a little cruddy.  By Sunday morning he really wasn't feeling well, so he and Craig stayed home from church to get a better handle on how he was feeling before we left for Buffalo later.  He was good enough to go when Carter and I got back, but he was definitely low key for the day.  We had lunch with my parents and went to see Craig's family for dinner.  It was a fun day but a rather late evening to finish off the weekend, which is partly why my Monday was so rough, per my story in Jacob's birthday post.  Jacob stayed home from school on Monday because, while his low grade fever was done by then, he still had a headache and felt generally crappy.  He perked up later in the day and was OK for his birthday, but Craig took him back to the doctor on Wednesday because his ear was hurting.  He did have some fluid but the doc didn't prescribe anything except some ibuprofen for the pain until it resolves.  He still seems a bit less energetic at times, is losing his voice, and still has a sore throat.  He really tired out today when we were out for a couple hours, but I hope he recovers for his tournament this weekend.  It's a long way to go to not play!  I have a family wedding this weekend so Carter and I will be in Buffalo instead.  It's a bummer to miss everything, but hopefully they have fun.

The only other interesting thing this week was that Carter had an appointment with the sleep specialist because of our concerns with his snoring.  It's not too bad when he's not sick, but I'm still a little concerned by louder breathing and lots of tossing and turning like I experienced at the hotel a couple weekends ago.  The doctor wants to bring him in for a sleep study, but our appointment isn't until late November!  So we have a pretty long wait for that.  The good news is that he's been dry for about a week straight at night, so that supposed side effect of odd sleeping seems to have righted itself...for now.  However, based on a couple things that happened over the weekend, he went to the pediatrician when Jacob did, because we suspected he had a UTI.  He has had trouble holding it lately and said it hurt to pee, but nothing came up in the urinalysis, so we'll just keep an eye on it.

And finally, today was the last day of school.  Jacob is officially done with third grade!

His report card came back great--one Outstanding and only one Inconsistent, which might be the first time ever that has happened.  He's always had the two--using self-control and either working with others or following directions--and by the magic of medication and good practice, it was finally down to only one!  He seems a little sad about the year ending, but hopefully that will make him hungrier in the fall.  He gets a couple days off surrounding this weekend's tournament, then he's off to camp at U of R (with me) next Tuesday.  Hard to believe it's summer vacation!

So, it's been an interesting week.  I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend, even if I will miss Craig and Jacob a lot.  Two more busy weekends await, though!

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