Sunday, April 30, 2017

Swing Back Sunday

I finally took the time to pull pictures off my phone, so here's a big catch-up post of pictures since early winter!  If you follow me on social media you've probably seen a bunch of these, but probably not all.  There were a couple gems that I think never even made it there, for whatever reason.  So instead of Throwback Thursday, I'm coining the term "Swing Back Sunday"...

Around Christmas time, Carter and I stopped at the mall and one of the restaurants outside had this fun keg tree on their patio.  There is a much larger version each year at the Genesee Brewery downtown, but I just thought this looked so fun!

Carter went to the dentist this winter, and I couldn't help but laugh when he had on his shades and was getting his fluoride treatment.  He just cracked me up...and did awesome!

Speaking of awesome, how 'bout this kid?  I could only catch a picture on my phone when I saw him sitting like this, slung across the back cushion of our big armchair while watching TV.  This kid...and that look...

When we went to Toronto in late January, Carter and I went to IKEA.  Halfway through the store, he decided he was ready to take a nap on the mini bearskin rug.  It took a lot of convincing to get him up from this spot!

Believe it or not, this is what February looked like around here this year.  We actually had a couple days where it was warm enough to play outside without a coat...and someone was very happy to be outside!

We took this at a Knighthawks game, and you have no idea how hard it was to get this shot.  But I love it!

This was our view from breakfast during our overnight away.  It was a little like an Italian café on the street.  So nice while it lasted...

This is a picture of my current group of painted Polish Easter eggs following our trip to the Broadway Market on our weekend away.  The blue and green ones at the bottom are the most recent additions.  I just love the colors so much!

When the weather first got nice, Carter and I went out for our first evening walk of the year.  The picture was a little blurry, but you can still see he's smiling!

And this is the sunset from our walk that night...

Easter weekend, the day the baby giraffe was born, we pulled out a couple games from my parents' basement.  One was Monopoly, which Jacob really wanted to play that afternoon, and the other was this one, Run Yourself Ragged.  It's an obstacle game that uses a tiny silver ball, and you have to use the buttons and knobs at the bottom to get the ball through in a minute (as timed by the brown house-shaped thing in the back).  Fun fact: I swallowed the ball from the game when I was probably around Jacob's age.  We did recover it (ewwww) and it was a dark silver instead of the chrome it once was, but it still works!

This is Carter while eating the chocolate sucker that was in his Easter basket.  And true to Carter, you can tell he's still talking while eating!

This is from last week when Jacob and I had to go to his doctor appointment and my favorite food truck happened to be parked in the parking lot!  They have gluten-free poutine, so that was our lunch. 

And last weekend before the Knighthawks game, Carter and I were at the mall checking out a couple things, and as we walked through NY & Company, Carter took a liking to the mannequin.  He noticed her hand, and it was perfectly placed to hold, apparently, as he instinctively grabbed it and asked me to take his picture.  And then he asked if it was cute.  Oh boy.
And yes, Carter, it is cute...though I'm not sure how I feel about losing you to a headless woman!  Silly boy.
Stay tuned, as hopefully tomorrow I'll have a few fun videos, too.  But I feel cleansed now that I got to share these, as I probably told myself countless times that I would get to these stories soon and never did.  I love these little snippets from our daily life, as it reminds me of the little blessings amidst the tougher times. 

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