Saturday, April 29, 2017

News & Notes, Spring has Sprung Edition

It's's actually feeling like spring around here these days.  Well, Thursday felt like summer, and yet we're back to early spring today, but for the most part we've stuck in the 50s and 60s lately, and it's been glorious.  Most of the trees are turning some shade of green and most of the flowering trees and spring bulbs are in full bloom.  It's nice, though for some reason not as bliss-inducing as I feel like it usually is when it finally arrives.  Maybe it wasn't late enough yet that I was in complete agony waiting for it to happen, so there isn't as much of a contrast? 

Anyway, it's been nice to get out with the boys as they needed the freedom.  Carter is loving the bubble gun he got for Easter, and is pedaling up a storm on his various ride-ons.  Jacob has been happy to play lacrosse again. 

I figured I could share a few shots from this week's time outside...

Artsy shot of the remnants of Carter's bubble gun.  The bubbles we have are apparently very sturdy!

Couldn't resist one more from my actual fun!

My little tiger on his tricycle

He really liked shooting me with the bubble gun!

You know it's spring in my yard when these purple flowers pop up in the back yard.  I love them, but they are taking over!

Last weekend I dug up about 200 bulbs from my flower bed.  They were apparently spent daffodils that haven't bloomed for the past two springs, so I guess it's time to replace them.  It was exhausting, however, because they were buried rather deeply and were trapped under some landscaping mat that was still surprisingly tough despite spending around 10 years buried in dirt.  But they're out, and I'm sure I'll find out where I missed a couple next spring!  I did manage to change out all of my solar lights this week, which was a long time coming.  They've been a mishmash of lights for a while, and only some of them still worked.  I got a great deal on them at Aldi, and combined with the ones I picked up at the end of last year at Target, it appears everything is functional now.  One set is in the most visible areas of our flower beds, and the other group is in the background.  I have a couple non-matching spares, too, for when the kids destroy something.  And the two other survivors from the original batch are now near our back patio.  Funny how a little thing like that feels so good to accomplish cheaply!

Thursday night while Carter was playing outside, I finally met our next door neighbor who has been living there for a couple years now.  Why it took so long, I don't know.  I mean, it's sort of a weird setup--two sisters and the one sister's little boy--and originally I thought they were just renting, but now I think a relative bought the house after our old neighbor passed, and is renting it to them.  But they smoke (which has bothered Jacob while playing outside) and certain things seemed a little odd for a while.  Their crazy plow guy is the one that caused (and never fixed, despite repeatedly telling me he would).  But all things considered, they've been fine.  I think Craig has talked to them a couple times, but aside from waves now and then, I was mostly concerned with keeping the kids managed when I was outside, and I generally like to let neighbors approach me.  That's where my introvert side really comes out.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago she asked me about the Easter eggs I had strung in the tree because her son was obsessed with them.  But for whatever reason, I didn't get into chatting then.  But then Thursday while I was talking on the phone to Craig about how all the rain had caused our pool cover to rip (arrrgh!), Carter tried to give back a ball that's been hanging out between the two yards for a week.  And then we finally got to talking.  Turns out her son is only a couple weeks older than Carter.  He was really into Carter's big wheel that has a bunch of fun buttons and sounds, and while Carter wasn't the best sharer, he did let him press the buttons.  But anyway, now I know their names and hopefully it won't be as awkward.

As for the kids, they're still driving each other (and us) nuts.  Thursday our therapist gave us a little reward project to try that only kicks in if the kids refrain from fighting for three days.  We shall see how that goes.  Jacob has been extra difficult lately, which could partly be the result of a couple weeks of being out of routine with spring break and a couple days of forgetting his ADHD meds in the morning.  It seems when Carter is bad, Jacob is good, and vice-versa.  It's maddening.  I don't really like rewards, but I keep hoping that if they see that life can be good when they're not battling, maybe they'll realize things can be better.  We have to try something, I guess. 

This weekend marks the end of Craig's lacrosse season and the official beginning of Jacob's.  The Knighthawks' last home game was last night, and Craig is spending today in Georgia before heading back tomorrow morning.  It will be nice to have him around on weekends again.  This morning was Jacob's first game for his house team, and I certainly could have used Craig this morning.  We had to be up and out by 9am, which doesn't sound bad but is challenging for a family that usually spends the morning lounging in bed until at least that time.  And when you consider it was a late night for the boys and I was probably up for an hour or so when Craig came home super late and just stayed up straight through before leaving for the airport around 4am, it made for a bit of a tough morning.  We got there later than we wanted, but before the game started.  Jacob didn't have any points but he played a different position so it was good to see him doing pretty well there.  They lost, but they always get better as the season goes along.  It was a cool morning and I feel like I'm still warming up, but at least it wasn't raining!

Action shot!

This week I got my allergy testing redone, and hopefully I will be starting shots this week.  My doctor suggested getting a CT scan of my sinuses as well, in order to hopefully find out if anything else is going on up there that could be contributing to my smell and taste issues.  I had an MRI six years ago to rule out polyps and tumors, but the swelling will be more evident in a CT scan.  I dread the cost of it since it seems like we've had one medical bill after another lately, but if it gets me closer to figuring anything out, then I guess it's worth it.  But in the meantime the shots should help the allergy end of things.

Well, my body is giving me hints that this morning's early wake-up call was not appreciated.  Off to try to close my eyes for a bit...yeah, right...

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