Monday, March 20, 2017

Suit up!

A while back, Jacob started asking for a suit.  I don't know why he got it in his head, but it stayed there.  Theories abound as to his sudden interest, such as Craig wearing one for work, or wanting to be like the lacrosse players as they arrive at games, but even he can't seem to fully explain it.  He just wants to look good, apparently. 

The funniest part of this, of course, is that he only wears sports pants and t-shirts.  He has some Under Armour dress pants and polos to wear to church, but that is as dressy as he ever gets.  He won't even wear jeans.  He had one previous "dress up" phase right before he turned five, when we got him a shirt, tie, vest, and dress pants that he wore for Easter and Pre-K graduation.  But since then dressing up has been challenging.  He decided he didn't like the type of khakis I'd been buying him since he was three, and he wanted pants more "like Daddy's", but I wasn't sure where to get them since they're hard to find in standard stores when it's not Easter/Communion season. 

But then someone suggested Burlington Coat Factory, and that sounded doable.  But before we got to get there, he discovered the Under Armour pants and we settled on those instead.  But then the suit thing came up and it didn't fade away.  So, even though he doesn't have a whole lot of need, I decided we could indulge his interest and look into it.  It can't hurt to encourage him to dress better, right?

A few weeks back we stopped at Payless to look at a couple things, and he found a pair of dress shoes he loved.  They're fake crocodile, and they're pretty snazzy.  They didn't have his size, though, so I ordered them online in what we figured had to be his size.  He absolutely loved them when they arrived.  Then, a couple weeks ago he and I went to Burlington and looked around.  We actually found a matching pair of pants and sport coat in the right sizes, and the price was pretty reasonable.  He picked a white shirt that came with a clip-on tie, but they also had real ties that were only five bucks, so I let him pick one of those, too.  All things considered, the price was reasonable.  It still seems pretty frivolous as it's a bit much for church, and once we're past Easter and a nice dinner he's attending in the spring, I'm not entirely sure how he'll use it, but I know it means a lot to him.  He's been talking about wearing it ever since.

Yesterday he finally got to wear everything out for the first time, with this as the result...
Note that his hair has been gelled, as well.  Gotta have the hair to match the stylin' clothes!

He was pretty proud of himself, and he really looked great.  He got a lot of compliments at church.  And yes, he was overdressed (some kids wear jeans or even less dressy stuff), but he was fine with it.  I think he still needs to fully realize that it's not particularly sensible for him since he's more active and will normally want to change out of it as soon as possible so he can play (i.e., on a day like Easter when time with his cousins awaits).  Even still, I'm happy he's exploring some clothing options outside of his usual sports attire.  I used to think he'd be upset if he went to a private high school where shirts and ties had to be worn every day, but maybe not. 

Regardless, it's clear my little boy is growing up.  Sometimes I see him in the suit and he looks like a junior executive.  Or maybe he should be one of those little boys having his first communion (at our church he has to wait until 7th grade for confirmation).  But there's no doubt it's an upgrade from the daily parade of sports pants and moisture-wicking shirts!  Some people have asked if he's trying to impress a girl, but I don't think there's anyone at Sunday School he's concerned about, and the girl in his class that he likes probably won't ever see it.  But I have noticed him taking more of an interest in his hair, as I've mentioned, and when he remembers to have me gel it, I know he likes it better that way.  Now if we could just get him to be more concerned with general hygiene and room cleanliness, we'd be well on our way to parenting a tween.  Yikes.

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