Wednesday, March 22, 2017

News & Notes, Not To Be Edition

So, I guess we need to chalk it up to "To good to be true".  As feared a couple posts ago, the trip isn't happening.  There wasn't a real reason given, not that it would matter anyway.  Apparently some of the staff doesn't even know yet.  But we do and we are pretty darn disappointed.  It seemed like a sure-thing not that long ago--even one of the coaches who has been on many a trip like this said, "If he says it's happening, it's happening."  But it's not.  Well, maybe it will after the season is over, supposedly, but honestly, unless I have some sort of physical confirmation in my hand, I won't be believing anything moving forward.  It's just a kick in the gut to everyone, everyone who had planned and taken time off--both staff and significant others--and now it's not happening.  I was SO looking forward to time away from everything--from work, from the kids, from the daily to-do list of stuff--and just getting to enjoy some of the finer things in life...a cushy bed, nice gluten-filled meals, maybe a fancy show or a little quality time with a Chihuly.  I was also looking forward to some uninterrupted moments watching the Bellagio fountains, or trying the zipline on Fremont Street, or--most of all--having some quality time alone with Craig.  To have more than a night or two alone with him for the first time in more than eight years seemed unfathomable, and as much as I love my kids, it was honestly overdue.  And to celebrate the occasion, I actually went to Victoria's Secret over the weekend armed with two long-held gift cards.  I found a couple things that I wasn't even going to show him until the trip (nothing scandalous--I'm far too practical for that--but pretty I can do), but now I don't know what to do.  My parents have generously offered up an overnight, but I feel bad because it's not their fault it's not happening, so why should they have to pay?  I did look at bit at Groupon's Getaway deals, but even Niagara Falls seemed overpriced.  I suppose it's hard to put a price on time away, but the key part of this trip was the duration--that it was significantly longer than we'd had.  Not that one night won't do us good, but you know...the true escape would have been huge. 

I had already written up notes for my parents, but I guess I will set them aside for now in case something ever comes of the post-season possibility.  I hadn't started writing a packing list yet, thankfully.  On the bright side, I won't have to worry about missing Carter's picture day, or cramming in income tax prep or Easter shopping before we go.  I won't have to worry about looking uncool at the clubs or getting bathing suit-ready in two weeks.  I won't have to worry about airport delays or plane crashes.  But oh, it would have been so nice to feel warmth and get a change of scenery. 

In other news, on the heels of that news yesterday, Carter ended up with a stomach bug today.  He seemed fine this morning, but as he was looking at a book on my floor this morning, he suddenly set it aside and said that his stomach hurt.  I told him to go into the bathroom for a bit, but shortly after he said it was okay, or would be with some water.  A little bit after that he said he had to poop, so he came back up to the bathroom.  Just before he sat down, I heard that noise that all parents dread, the one where the stomach does its heave, and luckily he was standing right over the toilet when it happened.  He had a couple upchucks--thankfully he only had water in his stomach--and then he was OK.  When Craig came upstairs while he was sitting on the toilet afterward, Carter looked at him, smiled, and said, "I puked!"  I headed off to work and planned to relieve Craig later in the afternoon after a couple meetings, so he could head off to Canada.  Carter had one more round mid-morning, and that was it.  He spent the evening begging me incessantly for food, so hopefully we're okay for now.  Jacob and I drank a cup of grape juice with dinner, so hopefully that does what the internet says it does and keeps us healthy.  My stomach was a little grumbly all day, but that's usually what happens when the kids have something.  I can't tell if it's just nerves, or if I'm sort of immune to the strain they have so I just get a tiny fraction of the symptoms.  In all of the sicknesses the kids have had, usually I get some degree of this nervous stomach.  I think there have only been a couple times (one per kid) where I've gotten anything real.  I think that came from both kids' first bug.  I caught Carter's pretty soon after his, and with Jacob a couple days after I got some sort of horrible lower half version that had me shaking and sweating on the bathroom floor while Craig was working, wondering how I was going to take care of my baby.  Craig got the worst of it that time, though.  Worst night ever listening to him be sick and keeping an ear open for Jacob in the next room after a very long day with him.  But anyway, I'm hoping we all avoid this one, no matter how short and mild it seemed. 

In other news, after being under two feet of snow a week ago, we now have green patches in the yard.  It hasn't been crazy warm--maybe a day or two around 50--but it has sure gone down fast.  Today was cold, so it still doesn't feel like spring.  It's time to start getting spring decorations out, but I just haven't been able to do it yet.  Not when I look out and see snow everywhere.  Slightly warmer weather is coming, though.  I will take 50s at this point.  Or even 40s with sun.  Everyone is craving outside time right now!  Cleanup is still going on from the windstorm two weeks ago.  I think the snow buried some of the problems for a bit, but I still marvel as I drive around and see the remaining uprooted trees, piles of branches, and bare or patched sections of roofs.  So many roofs.  I feel even more fortunate that our house made it through unscathed.  I did notice, however, that we have some moisture between the panes of glass in our dining room windows, and I'm sort of wondering if the force of the wind on that side of the house might have pushed moisture in there or loosened a seal somewhere.  Maybe it has nothing to do with the storm, as I didn't notice it behind the sheers until today.  I'm guessing it will dry eventually, but it's annoying.  Still, we're lucky.  I still cringed last night when the wind was blowing a bit again, though.  Needless to say, this area is over the extreme weather for a while.

We got Jacob's latest report card last week, and it was sooo much better.  Last time he had a number of problem areas, including a "below standards" in math, which had never happened in any academic subject before.  Previously it was just behavior stuff.  The slide in academics was what really prompted us to move toward medication.  This time around, it was a huge improvement!  He was back to just the two behavior areas he always had.  Comments were much better all around, and he even moved up to above standards in Visual Arts.  It was a huge relief.  It's so nice to know the medication is truly working at school, even if we're still having a lot of issues at home.  We're still dealing with constant issues with the boys not being able to leave each other alone.  Next week Carter is coming along to Jacob's therapy appointment so she can see them interact.  That should be interesting, and I hope she sees something that can give us a new direction to go in to become more functional. 

Other than that, not much else is happening.  I guess now that the trip is off the table, the next thing I need to do is start thinking about our summer vacation.  We have a few lacrosse tournaments to go to, so we may be tacking on a couple days to one of those trips to make a vacation out of it.  But I need to look at dates and locations and see what else is out there.  Maybe planning something like that will take some of the sting out of our lost trip.  Maybe.

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